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Whale Sfari Andenes

Whale Safari Andenes is a professional organizer of whale watching cruises in Andenes.  Andenes is located in Northern Norway, and just where the edge of the continental shelf is closer to land than anywhere else along the coast of Norway.

Here a special deep-sea area called the Bleik Canyon was formed thousands of years ago.

This extraordinary spot provides a stable stock of Sperm Whales with food such as deep sea squid and fish.

Andenes is the most convenient location for whale watching in Northern Norway - it takes only one hour to reach this magnificent whale watching grounds.

The Whale Centre was established in 1988 and is situated in an old fish processing warehouse at the harbour front.

Here, you can book your Whale Safari and participate in a guiding at the Whale Museum.

The Product

whale tail Andenes ©:whalesafari.no

Right from the start in the 1980`s, the whale watching cruises of Whale Safari Andenes has combined research, education and adventure.

The experienced and international guide team offer you a museum guiding in different languages.  Photo: whale tail Andenes ©:whalesafari.no

This will give you a deeper insight on whales, their biology and our research projects.

Afterwards we are heading out to the deep sea - to Bleik Canyon in search for whales.

The most famous and most sought-after species is the Sperm Whale. During the 4-5 hours trip you might be able to spot several of this large marine mammals, and you can watch them while they are resting on the surface.

The most impressive moment is when the up to 18 meters/60 feet long Sperm whale raising its humongous tail fin, just before descending to the depth of the vast ocean.


Whale guarantee

Experience shows that whales are spotted during 95-99% of the safaris.

The Whale Safari Andenes guarantee: "We´ll give you a free new trip or your ticket reimbursed if you are unfortunate and don´t see whales the first time".

Scientists and guides

whale skeleton ©:whalesafari.no

The guides at the Whale Centre and onboard our vessels are scientists and students from many different countries.

In such a way, every whale watching trip is partially devoted to research.

This long-term project is the photo identification of Sperm Whales. Those creatures each have an unique tail fin pattern, comparable to our fingerprint being singular to every human being.

That`s how the work of count and recognize Sperm whales has been done year after year since the late 1980`s.

Research on living whales has been important to the company since the establishment of the Whale Centre in 1988.

Whalesafari Ltd. offers researchers from different universities to stay and use the facilities connected to the centre.

Biologists, biology students and experienced naturalists work on board our vessels and in the museum , and in this way both get training in education and research.

All photos with permission from ©:whalesafari.no

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