Visit Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is an archipelago situated beyond the polar circle and ranked third on National Geographic record of Sustainable environmental and cultural Practice (source).

If cruising tourism is a threat, notably by the disturbance of otherwise almost untouched nature or by the possibility of cruising facility, the harsh climate keep heavy tourism at bay. So it is without fear for the environment that we present to our adventurous readers these two Norwegian cruises to visit this awe inspiring landscape.

The luxury cruise:


If you like comfort and luxury even while planning a trip beyond the Arctic Circle, the Silver Cloud is certainly a good choice for you.

If her small size allow her to dock in port off the beaten road, the small Silver Cloud can welcome 296 guests with all the benefit you expect from the giant cruiser: Tournament of bridge are held in The Card Room.

The Casino offers roulette, blackjack for guests 18 years or older. Novice can learn all the games offered and consult an internet casino guide in the internet cafe. CD burners, headphones, digital camera for video call on Skype are also available.

The Silver Cloud offer its passenger a wonderful trip to Lofoten islands amongst other choice destination during its European cruise.

You are more of the stuff of a traveler rather senior retiree? 

The MS Lofoten is for you!

Hurtigruten M/S Lofoten

If Hurtigruten has high standing cruise ship to visit Norway (see Hurtigruten fleet), we have chosen to focus on an outsider, offering to the traveler the charm of authenticity.

Indeed, the MS Lofoten is far from the lux of the Silver cloud. Its charms reside precisely in its old time flavor and small size. The passengers agree to say it is more a ferry carrying passenger from port to port than a cruise ship, and that the small number of passenger may lead to cancellation of some excursion.

Nevertheless if you are aware of this and ready to take things as they are, if you are looking for something picturesque and true to life, you will certainly enjoy the trip and have a taste of the real Norwegian life!


Here is a review from happy cruiser on the MS Lofoten:

„Our cabin was cleaned promptly and well every morning whilst we were at breakfast.

…We understand why people repeat the trip in their "other season" and when time allows, we will do a summer trip…We had a great 12 days which we thought was good value for money. We travelled with a great bunch of fellow travelers and thought that the service the Hurtigruten staff gave us was excellent“.


You can take this cruise in winter to enjoy snowy landscape and Northern Light or in the summer to discover the fjord in all their majesty.

What to visit in Lofoten:

Hiking will give you another experience and point of view on the archipelago. Remember to take warm clothes and a good rain coat to comfortably enjoy the trails outside the busy day of summer.

Lofotr Viking Museum: This museum is a reconstitution of the biggest Viking era home discovered to this date. It belonged to a powerful chieftains in Northern Norway. As this is a living museum, you will really have a taste of Viking life.

The Guardians includes Lofoten in its top 10 destination for Kayaking. So this is something you definitely want to try.

If you belong to the luxury cruise category, you may enjoy Golf as well!.

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