Veidholmen, Norway

Far out of the Norwegian coast there is a small island called Veidholmen. From the earliest days of Norwegian history this place has been a fishing community, and the one and only income was fishery.

Veidholmen today is a very popular goal for tourism, and anyone gets charmed by this small little village.

Let's take a trip and see how it looks.

Coastal environment, Norway

We start this beautiful Sunday morning in the early spring, and you should know there is a long and interesting day ahead of us.

3 ferrys and 1 sub-sea tunnel each way, so it will be quite expencive too.

Our goal for this day is a tiny little island out in the open ocean, called Veidholmen.

Bergsøya Bridge, Norway

Earlier there was several ferrys to travel here, but now there are bridges and under-water tunnels (actually crossing the fjords under the bottom of the sea).

This picture is from one of the bridges, the Bergsoy bridge. Beautiful weather and still early sunday.


There are still plenty of fjords to cross in this area, and small ferries are still doing the job.

Here is the old, B/F Haram coming to bring us along.

As you can see it's a quite old-fashioned type of ship, and maybe space enough for 30 cars. This time of the year that's no problem, but in the tourist season there is a lot of waiting and frustration around.

Norway map

On this map over the southern part of Norway you can see where the island is located.

To the right is a close-up scan of the island Smøla (the big island) and the small road out to Veidholmen (the red dot on the big map). As you can see we are no longer in a Norwegian fjord, but right out there in the big ocean.

If you want a closer look, go to our Norwegian Map

Open sea

With the B/F Haram we now are moving against open sea, and far behind we can see the small islands and the big, endless ocean.

Imagine this crossing in a dark, real stormy winter night!

But today it's no wind, and an excellent day for travelling these areas.

Road signs in Veidholmen

On the road again, and here comes the first road-sign saying Veidholmen, where we are heading.

As you can see, there still is some snow around, but it is the 26. of March, Spring is on it's way, and the roads are almost free from snow now.

Wind mill at Veidholmen

One of the many windmills in this area, giving electricity to the houses on the island.

Many don't like them, but it's not so bad, is it?

Old coastal houses

This is some of the buildings on the island.

Very typical for all fisher-villages along the Norwegian coast.

Fishing harbour in Norway

The narrow harbour of Veidholmen gives a nice shelter from the big waves on a stormy night.

Take a look at this video from Veidholmen

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