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Trondheim Norway Photo: Jan Frode Haugset

Trondheim is a modern Norwegian city,and a centre for high technological research and education, with its own university.

People from all over the world comes here to study, and because of that the population is young and international.

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Education in Trondheim

NTNU Photo: Alex Brasetvik

Both the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Sør-Trøndelag University College are situated here, as well as SINTEF, which is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, with about 1800 employee, and 1300 of these are located in Trondheim

NTNU is the second largest university in Norway, and has an annual budget exciding $800 millions, graduating around 3.300 students each year. 2/3 of these are master's or PhD candidates.

Together, the colleges, the university and the SINTEF Group is making Trondheim the technology capital of Norway.

This is one of the main cities of education in Norway, and almost 1/5 of the population are students. It is giving the city a special athmosphere and culture, and a society with long traditions in volunteer work.

Hotels and accomodation

Britannia Hotel in Trondheim

The city has many excellent hotels, and what ever your budget is you will find something here.

The photo is showing one from the top list, the Britannia Hotel, in the middle of the city centre.

If you are travelling by plane you might prefer a hotel close to the airport, and Quality Hotel Værnes will be a good choice. Trondheim Airport Værnes is an international airport, situated in Stjørdal, some 30 kilometers outside the city. From Værnes there is direct connections to all major European cities.

If you are on a low budget you might want to check out the hostels in town, and Trondheim Vandrerhjem is worth a try.

Tyholt Tower in Trondheim

If you want to get a city overview you should go to the Tyholt Tower, or Tyholttårnet in Norwegian language.
From the tower you get a First Class view, and you get an impression of the City and where it is located to the surroundings.

Experience dining in the cafeteria in the Tyholttårnet, where you can get a 360 degrees roundtrip, as the room is moving slowly around all the time.

The photos shows views from the Tyholt Tower, agains west, north and east.

Trondheim view toward west
Trondheim View towards North
Trondheim view towards East

The Historical City

Munkholmen Trondheim Photo© Jørn Adde

Just outside the harbour you can see the Monks' Island, a tiny island that served as an execution ground and special prison in ancient times.

On the photo you can see the Hurtigruten passing by on it's Classic Norwegian Cruise.

In the city centre you will see an 18 meters high statue, showing a viking with sword and helmet. The statue shows king Olav Trygvasson, who established this town in 997, and named it Nidaros.

The Olav Trygvasson statue in the city square

Even long before that time this was a center for the Vikings, and King Harald Hårfagre, who was the first king that ruled over all Norway, was chosen king here in year 865.

Nidarosdomen Cathedral

Just a short walk from the statue of Olav Tryggvasson you find the Nidarosdomen, the beautiful Cathedral which was started build from year 1070.

When king Olav Haraldsson, Holy Olav, or Saint Olav, was killed in the battle of Stiklestad in year 1030, he was taken to Nidaros and buried here at the same place where the cathedral Nidarosdomen is situated today.

Because of the history around Saint Olav, Nidaros became an important goal for pilgrims in the Middleage.

The oldest part of the cathedral that still exists is from the mid 1100 century.

The beautiful Cathedral is very special for Norway, even if it is quite small compared to many other European churches.

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Coat of Arms

Trondheim Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms dates back to the 13th century, and shows a king with crown, holding scales in the archway of a castle, and opposit him is an arch bishop with his staff in the archway of a church.

The Coat of Arms symbolizes the balance of power between the king and the church.

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Old building

The fjord and Munkholmen