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Tromsø Norway

You will love Tromsø! Tromso is the seventh largest city in Norway, and it is also the name of the municipality. You find it in Troms county in Northern Norway.

The town is special, and has a lot to offer it's visitors. The museums, the cathedral, the nature and the friendly people in this small, exotic town.

Northern Light - Photo: Dirk Mollmann/HR-archive

Tromsø is in the middle of the amazing Northern Light, or Aurora Borealis zone, and is one of the best places in the world to observe this phenomenon.

Because of the rotation of the planet, the Tromsø area moves into the Aurora zone around 6 pm, and moves out again around midnight.

Because it is daylight round the clock in the summer, Northern Light is not visible between late April and mid-August.

This is the Land of the Midnight Sun, which occurs from about 21. May to 21. July.

Owing to Tromso's high latitude, twilight is long, meaning there is no real darkness between late April and mid-August.

The city is also warmer than most other places located on the same latitude, due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream.


Looking for the best activities in Tromso? Here are some you should look into:

  • Arctic Explorers

Hunting the Northern Light? Want to go on a Whale Watching Cruise, or a  Fjord excursion? Read more about what Arctic Explorers in Tromsø has to offer.

  • Polaria

With the slogan "Polaria - an Arctic Experience" this arctic museum with it's  knowledge-based exhibits that also includes a panoramic cinema, and a gift and souvenir shop takes you to an unknown world for the most of us.

The newspaper "The Independent" once said: "One of the best museums you could ever take your children to".

Hotels and accomodation in Tromso

Tromsø has many excellent hotels. It's always a question of quality and price, but if you are looking for some of the best, then the Rica Ishavs Hotel, and Clarion Hotel Bryggen are two of them.

Use available resources to find the right one for you, and Tripadvisor is always an excellent helper.

Ami Hotel in Tromsø

If you are looking for accomodations of a the more personal and budget friendly kind, the AMI Hotel is a good choice.

AMI Hotel Tromsø is an independent family-run hotel, which opened in autumn 1999. AMI is a French word meaning friendship.

Cathedrals and Churches

Arctic Cathedral Photo: Arnt-Inge Hansen / AMI Hotel

All visitors to Tromsø wants to take a look at the Ishavskatedralen, or The Arctic Cathedral: A modern church from 1965 and probably the most famous landmark in Tromsø.

In Tromsø you will also find The Tromsø Cathedral, Norway's only wooden cathedral, built in 1861, and even a small Catholic church.

A Center of Cultur and Education

Tromsø Library - (Photo: Arnt-Inge Hansen / AMI Hotel)

The city is a cultural centre for its region, here illustrated by a photo of the amazing Library of Tromsø.

In this city you will find the northermost University in the World; The University of Tromsø.

Even the northernmost brewery, planetarium and a botanical garden is to be found in this city.

The Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden in Tromso is the northernmost botanical garden in the world, and here you can see and learn about Arctic and alpine plants from all the Northern hemisphere.

It was opened in 1994, and is open for visitors from late May to early in October.

A polarship - Photo: Michaela Klotz / HR Archive

Tromsø has a long history of Arctic hunting, as well as beeing the starting point for many Arctic expeditions. When you visit Tromsø you should visit the Polar Museum, which shows the history of this.

The Tromsø Museum is a University Museum, presenting culture and nature of Northern Norway.

Hurtigruten and transportation

Hurtigruten foundator - Photo: Trond G. Johnsen / HR-archive

The Hurtigruten has daily calls at Tromsø, and Richard With who was the foundator of the Hurtigruten was actually from Tromsø.

Express-buses are bringing you to Narvik in the south to Alta in the North.

Tromsø Airport was opened in 1964, and is now the fifth largest airport in Norway, with appr. 1,4 mill. passengers each year. All the major Norwegian airlines in Norway, SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe has daily flights to and from Tromsø.

Widerø is the important airline for the shorter flights in Northern Norway, and you can fly to Stokmarknes, Hammerfest, Honningsvåg, Mehamn, Båtsfjord, Kirkenes, Bodø, Svolvær and many other destinations from here.

On a coastal town like this you also have lots of ferrys and express boats, connecting the city with the smaller surrounding communities.

Sister Cities

Tromsø has eleven Sister Cities or Twin Towns:

Kemi -Finland, Luleå -Swede, Ringkøbing -Denmar, Grimsby -United Kingdom UK, Pune -India, Anchorage -United States, Zagreb -Croatia, Murmansk -Russia, Quetzaltenango -Guatemala, Gaza -Palestinian National Authority, Nadym -Russia

This was only a small glance of what you can expect to see in Tromso, and for more information we recommend you visit "I Like Tromsø".

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The Coat of Arms for Tromsø is a reindeer on a blue background. It was made by the artist Hallvard Trætteberg and was in use from 1941.

The original reindeer coat-of-arms design is from 1870.