The Trolls Path

Trollstigen road, Norway
Trollstigen Norway - photo by bestnorwegian

This is Trollstigen, or "the Trolls Path" in English, is one of the most spectacular roads in Norway, and also one of the most popular places to visit for tourists.

It is located close to the small town Åndalsnes, where you have train connection to Oslo, and bus connection to the cities Ålesund and Molde.

This first photo show the view from the amazing vewpoint at the top.

Half way up you can see the bridge crossing the river and waterfall, which is one of the highlights when driving the road.

The beautiful and dramatic Trollstigen ....

Road sign on Trollstigen

... is one of the absolute most spectacular roads in Norway, and also one of the most visited places in the country.
The sign shows the roadsign Trollstigen, and you understand it is quite steep from the warning sign.

In the summer of the old days, this was an important route between Sunnmøre and Romsdal, even long before the road came. At that time there was only a narrow and steep path where people and horses could come through with great danger.

The road was first time opened in July 1936, after as long as 8 years of construction work.

The long construction period has to do with the long winters without any possibility to get any work done, and even today the road is closed between late October and the end of May.

Be Aware of the Trolls .....

Norwegian Troll

Even before you come to the first curves on the road you meet the first Troll. This one is standing outside a local cafeteria, and is carved in wood.

The meaning of the name Trollstigen is probably The Trolls Ladder, but in the local way of saying the name as Trollstien, it gets the meaning of The Trolls Path.

Unique Troll sign in Norway

Anyway, it has connection with the Trolls, and at the parking area before you start going upwards, you can also see the One and Only official roadsign in Norway with a troll on it.

The meaning of the sign is: "Warning! Trolls!"

Dramatic Trollstigen

When you see the mountains surrounding this valley, you will understand how easy it was to imagine scareful trolls anywhere in the mountain side in the late, dark autumn evenings.
According to the Norwegian fairytales the Trolls change into stone when they are hit by sunlight, and they are only to be seen when the sun is down.

Trollstigen View point

On a sunny summerday many people from the surrounding regions go here, as well as tourists from all over Norway and almost any European country.

From the starting point at the bottom of the valley Isterdalen it goes quite steep upwards in 11 curves until it reaches the top point of the Trollstigen Road which is 852 meters above sealevel. At the time it was finished in 1935 it was recogniced as quite an ingenieurs masterpiece.

About half way to the top ...

Stigfossen Bridge on Trollstigen

... we can see the Stigfossen Bridge, crossing the Stigfossen Waterfall. In the springtime when the snow is melting in the mountains the water is reaching the bridge, and passing cars are getting quite a shower.

Bus on Trollstigen bridge

Here we can see the bus from the Nettbuss company crossing the Stigfossen Bridge, on its way to Valldal, and then to Geiranger.

Every day during the summer there are a lot of buses here, both from the many cruiseships visiting Åndalsnes, Molde , Ålesund or Geiranger , and also passengers from the Hurtigruten.

The Hurtigruten passengers can leave the ship in Geiranger, and go by bus the amazing route to Valldal, over Trollstigen, down to Åndalsnes and approach Molde in the evening where they again enter the ship.

A Busdriver's Challenge

Amazing road in Norway

As you can see, some of the curves are quite challenging for the bus drivers, and every year some buses are getting stuck in one of the curves.

It is always foreign buses having these problems, as many drivers are quite unexperienced with this kind of roads.

Waterfall in the Trollstigen road

From this spot we can see the bridge from a different angle, and we can see the small parking spot by the bridge where some cars has stopped so the people can get the best possible photo of the waterfall Stigfossen.

The motor homes, or "Bobil" in Norwegian, are extremely popular, and hundreds of them go the Trollstigen every day in the summertime.

This one has just finished a curve with the river and the beautiful waterfall behind.

The View Point

The Trollstigen view point Norway

Here it is, a spectacular view, and as you see it is nothing for people who are scared of heights.
It really gives an amazing view over the Isterdalen Valley, and over the Trollstigen Road.

There has also been some discussion about the look of the platform, and not everybody is happy about the colour and materials that has been used.

We leave it to you to decide whether you like it or not.

One more amazing fact about this road is that there has been no big accidents in traffic, probably because the road keeps the speed very low.

Souvenirs and ....  trolls again!

Nice looking fellows the trolls? We found these four trolls in the souvenirshop, probably made in China.

Everywhere you find tourists you also will find souvenir shops, and Trollstigen has several of them. Ice cream, limonade, postcards, flags, T-shirts and of course trolls.

How to get here

Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

There is a Railroad Station in Åndalsnes, close to the Trollstigen, with connection to Oslo and Trondheim via Dombås. The train is passing thru the Romsdal valley, with the Rauma river and the impressing Romsdal Alps. Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

You can get to Åndalsnes with bus from Molde or Ålesund, and by own car of course. There is a scheduled busroute between Geiranger and Åndalsnes, going over this amazing road.

Åndalsnes is also one of the most popular harbours for cruise ships in the area. From Ålesund, Molde or Åndalsnes it is normally arranged guided bus-sightseeing to Trollstigen, where the tourists are getting an unforgetable day.

We hope you have enjoyed our little journey, and that you will visit when you have the opportunity.

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Trollstigen - April 2016

This is how the Trollstigen is beeing opened after the winter. The film was made on April 2016.