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Åndalsnes Norway

I want to tell you about the small Norwegian towns and places now. Some of them really small ones! Villages and remote places that the average tourist never see.

We also introduce you to some of the many small communities you get a glance of on your Norwegian cruise.

And then it's one small place where thousands of tourists are coming every year. Hundreds of thousands.

This little village has only 240 inhabitants! We are talking about Geiranger, of course. Take a look!

The best way for you to experience some of these places is by car on your own, or as passenger on one of the many organized bus-tours during the summer. 

Another way to see how people are living in the small villages is to travel with the Hurtigruten ships on the Classic Norwegian Cruise.

Here are some typical small communities:

Indre Kvaroy Norway
Bud Norway

Like a coastal pearl is tiny little island of Indre Kvarøy in Nordland county.  The population is less than 60 persons, and many does not expect a small community like this to survive.  They do! 

The slogan "Yes, we can" is covering the most about Indre Kvarøy.

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Another typical coastal community is Bud in Møre og Romsdal county. A beautiful little village that earlier was a fishing village.

Today Bud still has traces of the past, but fishery is no longer the most important income among people.

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Coastal communities are small and often originally established on fishing.

A huge number of small communities in Norway has been abandoned over the years. Some as a natural result of one family after the other leaving the place, and some places as a result of the governments policy in the 1960's when people were paid off to leave these places, in order to establish bigger communities.

I have told you before, and here I go again: The best way to experience many of these small, coastal communities is by travel on the Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruise. You are getting very close, as these ships are not only cruise ships, but also working ships bringing goods to and from these communities.

More towns and places

Most of these towns and places, has less than 3000 inhabitants. Some of these villages, like Sortland, Florø and Nesna are ports of call for the Hurtigruten, on it's coastal cruise between Bergen and Kirkenes.

Travelling with the Hurtigruten you will see the life around the harbour area, and some places you have enough time to walk around to see and experience more.

You should also take a look at:

Bird at Runde Norway

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