Telemark Canal

Welcome to Telemark-kanalen, the Telemark Canal, connecting the coastal part of Telemark County to the inland.
105 kilometers of outstanding adventure, from the town Skien to Dalen, through 8 locks on it's way over lakes and along narrow canals.

The most impressive is the Vrangfoss locks, lifting the boat 23 meters through 5 locks.

The Canal was build more than 100 years ago, and is really an impressive work of ingenieurs , and the first part was completed in 1892.

If you are ine the area, we absolutely recommend a trip on one of the Canal ships, and you decide yourself whether you want to take the full tour, or only a part of it.
You can also go by charter boat, by your own boat, or even by kayak or canoe.

Many people find it interesting to follow the ship parts of the route, and bringing a bicycle with them to combine comfort and exercise. The crew are very helpful, and there are no problems bringing a bicycle with you. Here the bicycles are taken onboard at Ulefoss.

The M/S Victoria is approaching Vrangfoss locks, an impressive and large complex of locks, making a 23 meters change of height.

Vrangfoss has five locks, and from the ship you get close to the amazing lock system making this possible.

During summer, on the many calm, beautiful days of summer, you can enjoy the journet from the deck chairs, and really get an impression of the landscape of Telemark.

The ship arrive Lunde, and lots of new passengers and just interested tourists are waiting to welcome the ship.

The people of Telemark are proud of the Canal and the ships, and people living in the area never get tired of travelling the Telemark Canal.

The ships in the Telemark-canal

Let's take a closer look at two of the ships now:

M/S Victoria

M/S Victoria

This is the old Queen of the Canal. Build in 1882, and still going strong. In perfect condition, that makes your voyage more complete as an old fashioned journey.

Take your time. Relax. The old Lady is in no hurry, and neither should you.

M/S Henrik Ibsen

M/S Henrik Ibsen

This is also an old ship, build in 1907, but started on the Telemark Canal in 1993.
It was build in Sweden, Gothenburg, and sailed there under the name M/S Styrsø. When it was bought to Norway and the Telemarkskanalen, it got a new name, M/S Henrik Ibsen, after the famous Norwegian author.

Want to know more? Take a look at the Telemarkskanalen website (in English) here

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