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Welcome to Lofoten, and the small village of Stamsund. On this nice photo, taken by Erik Johansen/HRG archive, you can see people waiting for the popular arrival of the Hurtigruten.

Appr. 1000 people are living in the village, on a land area of 1,14 km², which gives a population of 891 inhabitants per km².

Stamsund is important as part of the trawling industry in the Northern Norway.

Coat of Arms

the Coat of Arms for Vestvågøy and Stamsund

The Coat of Arms for Vestvågøy municipality is from 1984, and shows two dried codfish (stockfish) on a blue background.

The community centre of Vestvågøy is Leknes, a small town with a population of 2600.

The whole municipality has a population of 10800 inhabitants, over a land area of 405 km² or 156.4 sq miles.

For centuries the community of Vestvågøy has been an important exporter of stockfish.


Roadsign Stamsund Rorbuer

The Hurtigruten makes daily visits here, both southbound and northbound.

For tourists, this is a very popular stop, and many find it an exotic experience to stay overnight in the local fishermen's shacks, in Norway called "rorbuer".

Stamsund Rorbuer Also by Norwegians' these Rorbuer has become very popular as accomodation during the summer season, and the experience you get staying in these shacks in the amazing nature of Lofoten is almost unbelievable.

People come from all over Europe, especially from Germany, to stay here during some summer weeks, to fish in the ocean outside Lofoten.

The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis over Stamsund

During the winter, the Lofoten area is popular among Northern Light Hunters, the people coming from all over the world to see the amazing Aurora Borealis .Take a look at this photo, taken by Petra Wöbke / HRG archive.

From end of May until mid July, the sun is shining (at least it is above the horizon) 24 hours a day, while it does not rise at all from beginning of December till beginning of January.

If you ever visit Vestvågøy, you should take the trip to Borg to see the Lofotr Museum, which is a reconstruction of a chieftain's recidense from the Iron Age.

To learn more, please visit Lofotr Museum

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