The blue town

Sortland, Norway

Sortland is both a town and a municipality, located in the region of Vesterålen in Nordland county, and is also the administrative centre of the municipality.

By January 2015 the number of inhabitants was 10.200, and is slowly increasing. Many are surprised that a small town like Sortland can have as many as 100 stores and shops.

One reason is the role the town has as a service point to the entire Vesterålen region with it's around 30 000 inhabitants.

Sortland as the Blue City has got international attention. It started in conjunction with the new millennium observances, and Sortland was given the idea of painting the city blue. This was the start of a lively process involving not only local artists, but the general public as well.

The Norwegian Coast Guard

The northern base of the Norwegian Coast Guard is located in Sortland.

The Coast Guard has been based here for many years, and there are now plans for making Sortland into a base for the entire Norwegian Coast Guard.


Hurtigruten arriving Sortland, Norway

The Hurtigruten has a port of call in Sortland, the southbound by mid-day around 12, and the northbound ship is calling the harbour in the middle of the night.

The ship is passing under the Sortland bridge, which is connecting Sortland (on the island Langøya) to Hinnøya island.

In the summer, many of the Hurtigruten passengers is leaving the ship in Harstad for a bus trip over the Hinnøya island, and the enter the ship again in Sortland.

The buses are waiting on top of the bridge, while the Hurtigruten is passing under.

Hotels in Sortland

Sortland Hotel was established more than 100 years ago, in 1908. It has 50 rooms, and a restaurant seated for 150 persons.

Close to the hotel, and with reception in the Hotel, you find the Sortland Vandrerhjem (hostel). The hostel has about 30 rooms with a total of 50 beds. Close to Sortland hotel you also find the partner hotel, Strand Hotel.

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Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms were granted in 1985, showing a golden gate on a blue background.

The gate is supposed to symbolize Sortland as a gateway to the region of Vesterålen, and the blue colored background is the blue ocean.