The Hurtigruten arriving under the bridge

Rørvik is a small town in the Vikna municipality in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The town is the community centre of Vikna, and has appr. 2600 inhabitants. Photo © Odd Haugsbakk / HRG archive

Near Rørvik is the 700 meter long Nærøysundbrua (bridge), which is connecting the municipality to the mainland.

Coat of Arms

the coat of arms for Vikna municipality

This is the Coat of Arms for Vikna municipality . It was granted in May 1988, and shows three salmon in a circle on blue background. It symbolizes the fact that fishing and fish farming is a main income to the people in Vikna.

Vikna municipality is 312 km2, and has about 4100 inhabitants.

The highest mountain is the Vattafjellet (fjell = mountain) with a height of 173 meters above sealevel.

Within the municipality you will find more than 6000 islands and islets.

The Hurtigruten in Rørvik

the hurtigruten in Rørvik

The Hurtigruten is important to the community of Rørvik and Vikna, and has long traditions to the region. Photo:©Norbert Knopp / HRG archive

Every evening the Norwegian Coastal Steamer, the Hurtigruten, is calling Rørvik, the Southbound ship and the Northbound ship at the same time.

It may surprise you to hear that Rørvik has it's own airport, Rørvik Lufthavn, with daily arrivals and departures to Trondheim in the south, and Bodø in the North.

Hurtigruten Sanct Svithun

As mentioned before, the Hurtigruten has long traditions in Rørvik. Not only happy stories, I'm afraid.

One late Sunday evening in October 1962, just outside Rørvik, one of the worst tragedies in the Hurtigruten history happened. On it's way from Trondheim to Rørvik, with a crew of 47, and 40 passengers onboard, the Hurtigruten ship "Sanct Svithun" hit aground and sunk. 41 people was drowned.

The reason to the accident was human, and is believed to be caused by navigation problems.

The photo is by Bård Kolltveit / Hurtigrutemuseet

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