Religion in Norway

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The main religion in Norway has its roots in the Evangelical Lutheran Christian faith , and about 83% of the population are members of the Church of Norway.

The King of Norway is the titular head of The Church of Norway, which is the official church of the Norwegian state.

Of the total population in the country, only 3 per cent attend regular church services on Sundays.

The largest non-Christian religion is Islam. Other active Christian communities in Norway are the Roman Catholics, the Pentecostal society, Baptists, Methodists and many others.

Like in most countrys, many people do not have a religion at all, and the number of members in the Norwegian Humanist Association is about equal of the numbers with the Islam faith.

There is of course freedom of religion in Norway, meaning that everyone is entitled to follow their own faith. No-one is to be punished or discriminated because of his or her religious faith.

Try the Norwegian Kirkesøk

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From the website of "Kirkesøk" we quote: 

Read about the 1622 Churches belonging to the Church of Norway, among these you find Norway’s most important cultural heritage sites.

The property database and web sites are funded by the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs as part of KAs work to support and enforce professional and responsible maintenance of Norwegian church buildings.

The aim of the web site is to present Norwegian church buildings in all their geographic, historical and architectural variety, from 11th century stone churches, the wooden 12th century stave churches, via the classical 19th century white wooden parish churches and to experimental contemporary architecture.

Important target groups are travelling visitors, students/pupils and the general public, and an important aim is to spread awareness of the cultural heritage represented by and embodied in traditional Christian places of worship in Norway.

Here is the link to the website Kirkesøk

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