Oslo Airport

-the Main Gateway to Norway

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the most important airport in Norway Photo: Oslo Lufthavn AS

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the main airport in Norway, and appr. 13.000 people has their work here, representing more than 100 companies.

The airport has two runways, both in a North-South direction. The Eastern runway is 2.950 meters, and the Western runway is 3.600 meters.

The airport ATC tower is 92 meters high.

The Airport Parking house has capacity of 6.800 vehicles.

Close to the airport is the Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, with 500 rooms, and excellent fascilities for meetings and conferences.

There are also several other excellent hotels close to the airport.

Duty Free Shops. Photo: Eva Rose Furumyr-Oslo Lufthavn AS

The terminal building is the biggest of it's kind in Norway, has a total of 144.000 m², and is designed to be as easy as possible for the passengers to navigate.

The airport is offering a huge number of shops and restaurants, for any taste and wallet, so to speak.

Transport and accessibility

Airport Train in Oslo Norway. Photo: Trond Isaksen-Oslo Lufthavn AS

The airport has been awarded as the most efficient airport in Europe both in 2007 and in 2010, and the Assosiation of European Airline (AEA) has four times named this airport to be the most punctual one.

Gardermoen is situated in Ullensaker municipality, about 47 km north of Oslo, and has a strong focus on effective and environmental transportation of passengers to and from Oslo.

Both buses and taxies are easy accessable from the Airport terminal, and bus transport to Oslo is expected to take 45 minutes.

However, the fastest way, and most popular, is The Airport Express Train (Flytoget).

The Express Train runs between the stations in Drammen, Asker, Sandvika, Lysaker, Skøyen, National Theatre in the city centre of Oslo, Oslo S (Oslo Central Station) and Lillestrøm.

The Airport Express Train goes every 10 minutes, and takes 19 minutes from the Airport to Oslo Central Station.

The Gardermoen Airport also has an ordinary train station, with connection to several other Norwegian cities, like Trondheim, Bergen, Bodø, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

Architecture and Art

Norwegian Soundshower. Photo: Knut Bry-Oslo Lufthavn AS

Ever heard about a Sound Shower?

In the Main terminal in Oslo Airport you will be able to experience 11 Sound Showers, designed by the artist Anna Karin Rynander.

The art will be audible when you step inside a circle marked on the floor.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is a main gateway to Norway, and the airport policy is to give it's passengers and guests an image of quality, presented through art and architecture.

From the beginning, and implemented in the Parliaments approvement from 1992, this airport was ment to be a high-standard presentation of the best of Norwegian building traditions and architectural quality. OSL is proud of the airport, and from their website we quote:

"The decoration is intended to display a desire to focus on art and decoration of a scope and with a quality that reflects the airport’s national significance.

The purpose is to show a large and international audience the diversity of Norwegian art.

The Norwegian characteristic should emerge as a reflection of the site’s landscape and architecture."

Extencions of Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport. Photo: Øyvind Markussen-Oslo Lufthavn AS

Oslo Airport is about to exceed it's capacity. In the period 1 December 2016 to 1 February 2017, the new check-in areas at the airport will gradually open to passengers. 

In 2009 the airport served 18.1 million passengers, which is expected to exceed 28 mill. passengers in the near future.

The extencion, by building the new Terminal II started after beeing finally approved in 2011. The work is expected to be finished now in 2017. The building is to be a further development of Norwegian building traditions, and will follow up the success of today, by being an airport that is effective, and easy to navigate.

From 17 January 2017 all passengers traveling with Norwegian, British Airways,  Finnair, Air Baltic and Brussels Airlines have to check in in the new departure hall. 

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Norwegian Airlines. Photo: Espen Solli-Oslo Lufthavn AS

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