The small village of Ornes is the next port of call for the Hurtigruten on it's way from Bergen to Kirkenes. Ørnes is located in the municipality of Meløy, about 120 kilometers south of Bodø, and just north of the Arctic Circle.

Ørnes is the community centre in Meløy, and has both daily bus connections to Bodø, as well as the express boat, "Nordlandsekspressen", which has it's route between Sandnessjøen and Bodø.

About 1900 people is living in Ørnes. Fishfarming and agriculture are important elements in the Meløy industry.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for Meløy is the Mountain poppy in gold on a blue background.

This particular one is called the "Svartisvalmue" and is growing in the Svartisen glacier area in Meløy.

The poppy has strong, yellow color, and as it grows close to the bluish ice of the Svartisen glacier, it is a natural choice for the minicipality's Coat of Arms.

The Coat of Arms was made by the artist Rolf Tidemann, after an idea from Knut Øvensen, and was granted in 1984.

The municipality of Meløy has 6650 inhabitants (01.01.2011).

The Svartisen Glacier

Svartisen Glacier, Norway. Photo: Margaret Harvey HRarchive

The Svartisen (means "Black Ice") Glacier is stretching one of it's arms into the Meløy municipality, and is one of the most popular tourist atractions in the region.

From a passing cruiseship you can see the glacier, and many ships also arrange tours to let the passengers get close to the glacier. This has become very popular.

Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway.

(Photo: Margaret Harvey / HRG Archive)

Go from Ornes and Meløy to see other Cruise harbours along the coast.

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