Norwegian Spekemat

Photo: Morten Brun -

Another strong Norwegian Christmas tradition is the "spekemat" (photo: Morten Brun - This is salted and dried meat from pork and sheep.

For most Norwegians there will be no real Christmas without the "spekemat", and lots of people make their own.

In the coastal areas, the climate often makes it difficult to get the meat dried enough, and the one you buy in the groceries are just fine.


Norwegian spekemat

The spekemat from mutton we call "fenalår", and the one from pork is the "spekeskinke".

To the left here you can see the "fenalår", both the whole one, and ready cut for serving on a traditional Norwegian lunch-table, of course with "flatbrød" to it. (photo: Morten Brun -

Morrpølse / spekepølse

Photo: Morten Brun -

We also have other kinds we call "spekemat", like the "mørpølse", also called "morr" (polse means sausage).

This is made from mutton, and the meat is grinded, added spices, salt and pepper, and water, and formed like a sausage, before it is hanged to dry.

See photo by Morten Brun - to the left.


Photo: Anna C. Hole -

And of course, with the "spekemat" we have to have old, traditional "flatbrød", and if possible: The homemade kind.

Flatbrød is also to be bought in the grocery shops, but there's nothing like the thin, homemade, baked by the old women that really know the art. Photo: Anna C. Hole -

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