The Norwegian Royal Family

The present King of Norway, Harald V and the Norwegian Royal Family are highly respected among its people.

When the Norwegians elected their first king in 1905, they chosed his grandfather, the Danish prins Carl to become King Haakon VII of Norway.

the Norwegian Royal Family

Their Majesties The King and Queen and Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Published 22.01.2011.

Photo: Sølve Sundsbø / The Royal Court.

Norwegian Monarchy History

The Norwegian monarchy actually goes more than thousand years back. Harald Fairhair, or Harald Hårfagre in Norwegian language, is regarded as the first Norwegian king, who united the many small kingships of Norway into a one country around year 885.

Even if Norwegian history goes back many centuries, Norway as an independent nation is quite young.

When Norway and Denmark were merged under a single monarch in 1380 , Norway came under Danish control.

After the Napoleonic Wars the union with Denmark was dissolved in 1814, and for a short time Norway again became an independent nation, and was even drawing up its own constitution. However Norway was forced into a union with Sweden – in a way as an independent nation, but with a common king and joint foreign policy. In 1905 the union of Norway and Sweden was dissolved, and the Norwegian people chose its own monarch: King Haakon VII, and we got again had our own Norwegian Royal Family.

The present king of Norway, King Harald V (the fifth) was born on February 21. in 1937, as the first Norwegian-born prince for 567 years. He is the son of King Olav V and Crown princess Märtha. He took over as King of Norway when his father died in 1991.

The Crown Prince Family

The Norwegian Crown Prince couple

Photo: Sølve Sundsbø / The Royal Court.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette Marit

Princess Ingrid Alexandra

princess Ingrid Alexandra

On January 21nd 2017, Princess Ingrid Alexandra had her 13 years anniversary.

The young princess is very popular and loved by the Norwegian people, and on this photo she is 9 years old.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / Det kongelige hoff.

Prince Sverre Magnus

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway

Prince Sverre Magnus with the dog Milly Kakao. Photo: Veronica Melå, The Royal Court

His Highness Prince Sverre Magnus was born on 3 December 2005. The prince is third in line for the Norwegian throne after his sister, Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

The Prince was christened in the Palace Chapel by Bishop Ole Kristian Kvarme on 4 March 2006. His godparents are Her Majesty The Queen, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Her Royal Highness Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, Mr Espen Høiby, Mr Bjørn Stensland and Ms Marianne Gjellestad. Information from the homepage of the Royal Family.

Travelling abroad Winter 2010 / 2011

From end of November 2010 till end of January 2011 the Crown Prince family was travelling around the world on a private vacation.

The journey started in Istanbul, where the family among many other activities also visited the amazing Hagia Sofia, once one of the most powerful churches of the world, before it became a mosque when the turks took over the city then called Constantinopel.

The Crown Prince and his family also visited Amman in Jordan, before they travelled east to India, where they visited Jodphur in Rajastan and Dzongu in Sikkim.

Little Princess Ingrid Alexandra in India

Charming little Princess Ingrid Alexandra making a local bread with a lady in Rajastan, India.

The photo is delivered from the Royal Court, and was published 22.12.2010

the Crown Prince Family in Istanbul

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess' family in front of Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

Photo: The Royal Court


The Ship of the Norwegian King

HMS NORGE was a gift from the Norwegian people to King Haakon in 1947, and people from all over the country gave money to contribute to the wonderful gift.

The HMS NORGE is owned by His Majesty The King, and is runned by the Norwegian navy.

The Royal flag in the stern mast shows that the King is on board.

The ship is normally in use from middle may until end of september. His Majesty himself is marking the start and end of the season by embarking and deembarking the ship for inspection.

Originally the ship was a British motoryacht, named PHILANTE, and build in 1937 for the airplaneproducer Sopwith. After servicing as escorting vessel during WW II the Philante was purchased for this new purpose in 1947.

Royal ship HMS Norge

The Norwegian Royal Family enjoy travelling, and are popular guests wherever they visit in Norway.

HMS NORGE is often used for official travels along the coast, and here it is visiting the municipality Vestnes in Møre and Romsdal in 2003.

The HMS Norge has anchored in Tomrefjord in the late evening of June. 11.

To the right on this photo you can see King Harald V and Queen Sonja entering the ship after an official reception in Vestnes.

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