The Norwegian National Day

May 17th

This is a small glance on how a small community is celebrating the Norwegian National Day on May 17th.

The photos are showing the parade, the people celebrating, and you can see some of the many beautiful Norwegian costumes bunad.

Norwegian fjord and flag

This is the view from my kitchen window, in the morning of May 17th 2014. The weather is playing an important part in the celebration of the day, as the people are joing in their finest clothings, and the National costumes deserves to be seen and not hidden behind raincoats.

This day seems to be perfect!

View over the school and the church

Two young people has put flowers on the memorial monument in Fiksdal.

The people are gathering for the parade through the village.

The Norwegian National Day Parade

Norwegin National Day parade

And here is the peoples parade in Fiksdal, marching through the village roads in the beautiful colors of spring and the waving flag of Norway. This is  tradition that is very strong in all Norwegian communities, and engages people of all ages every year.

17may and the childrens parade

Children marching under the banner of the local school and the kindergarden, and all in their finest clothes.

Young  musicians marching

Young musicians marching and playing in the people's parade.

Young girls in Norwegian bunad

Charming, young girls in the Norwegian national costume: Bunad

Coffe and cakes in the classrooms of the local school

Before we leave for the community house and the celebration, we all like a chat, and som coffe and cakes together with friends and neighbours.

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