The 10 most popular

Norwegian Girl's Names 2011

1. Emma

Emma is keeping it's position as the most popular girl's name also in 2011.

From second place in 2008, it has been number one both in 2009 and in 2010. Well, it did it again.

Emma is a German name, and means "the hard-working".

2. Nora / Norah

No#5 in 2007. No#5 in 2008. No# 3 in 2009. In 2010 it was back in the 5th place again.

In 2011 it was back, and now it's number 2. Coming up?

The name Nora is German, from the name Leonora, which comes from the Italian name Eleonora, and has the meaning from Greece: Brilliant, sparkling, glorious

3. Sara or Sarah

Just like in 2010, it's still number 3 on the Top10 list.

It was the winner in 2007, and the 3rd most popular name in Norway in 2008. It had a small change in 2009, when it dropped down to a 5th place.In 2010 it ranked as no#3 again, and now again in 2011. Well done.

The name has its meaning from the Arabic expression for emperess.

4. Sofie or Sophie

Just like Sarah, Sofie or Sophie kept it's position also in 2011.

It was no#10 in 2007, and no#7 in 2008. In 2009 it was the 4th most popular girl's name in Norway, at has kept it's popularity as no#4 both in 2010 and in 2011.

Like the name Sofia, this name comes from the Greek word for "wisdom".

5. Linnea

Down to no# 5 this time.

In 2010, Linnea was the second most popular girl's name in Norway.

It was also the winner in the girl's class in 2008, after beeing only no. 12 in 2007. In 2009 it reached the second place and held it through 2010.

The name Linnea has been very popular in Sweden for many years, and now also in Norway.

The name comes from Swedish, and the flower "linnea", which was named after the famous swedish botanist, Carl von Linne.

6. Thea or Tea

From 7th in 2010, to 6th place on the ranking list.

Thea or Tea was number 7 in popularity in 2010, and climbed up to be number 6 on the popularity list in 2011.

Thea was no#2 in 2007, and no#4 in 2008, before it fell down to a 6th place in 2009.

The name has its meaning from the name Dorothea, which in Greece means Gift from God.

7. Maja, Maia and Maya

A real jumper!

Maja had a popularity rank of 17 in 2009. In 2010 it made a big jump to 10th place, and in 2011 another climb to be no#8.

Other forms of the same name is Maia and Maya.

The name comes from the Goddess Maia, and the meaning is unknown.

This girl name probably comes from the Greec and Roman goddess Maia.

It might also be a short form of Maria, which comes from the old, Hebraic name Miriam, who also has unknown meaning.

8. Emilie

Number 8 in the Top10 list of popular names in 2011, just like in 2010.

Emilie actually was the most popular girls name in Norway in 1999. The popularity was exploding, after been almost out of use for many years. In 1987 only 7 babys in Norway was named Emilie!

Emilie is also ranking among the most popular names in the USA and in the UK.

Emily is derived from the Latin feminine name Aemilia. Aemilia may derive from the word aemulus meaning "rival", but it can also mean "friendly".

9. Ingrid, Ingerid or Ingri

From beeing number 6 on the Top10 in 2010, it fell down to be ranked number 9 in 2011.

Ingrid ranked no#8 both in 2007 and 2008, before it went down to 10th place in 2009. An old, traditional name in Norway.

The name Ingrid comes from the name of the old Norse God "Ing", so the meaning is "Ing-beautiful".

10. Julie

Julie is back!

Julie was no#4 in 2007, but fell down to be no#10 in 2008. Climbed one place up to no#9 in 2009, but in 2010 it fell out of the Top Ten list. Now it's back in business, and is among the Top10 again.

Julie comes from the name Julia, the latin name of Julius, Greek for "favorite", or "everybodys favorite".

Those who did not make it this time

Last years no#9, Ida, was ranked no# 6 in 2007 and 2008. It fell down to no#8 in 2009, and ended up as no#9 in 2010, but was out of the list in 2011.

The newcomer on the 2008 list, Leah, was out of the Top 10 again in 2009 as it ended no#13. Like in 2010, it's still out of the Top10.

Experts believes names like Jenny, Pernille, Olivia, Amalie and Victoria is "coming" names, that will be fighting to reach this years Top10, and that Nora, Linnea, Emma and Ingrid might loose their top popularity in the coming years. (source: /