The Norwegian Geography 

Let us tell you about it.

There are many interesting figures when it comes to the norwegian geography. First of all: A lot of people has the impression that Norway has a lot of really high mountains.

Well, we do have a lot of mountains, but many gets surprised when they get to know that the highest mountain in Norway is less than 2500 meters. Many european countries has mountains far higher than that, and unlike other countries, we also have few, or no mountain towns.

Most of the population actually lives close to the sea, so most of the hights are real, that means above sea level where people live

Let ut start the Waterfalls and the Glaciers. When it comes to the question of highest waterfall it is a question of definition.

We use the list of the waterfalls which has its hight measured as almost perpendicular, and the 3 highest are:

Waterfalls and Glaciers

No. 1

Kjelfossen 840 meters

No. 2

Tyssestrengene 300 meters

No. 3

Ringedalsfossen 300 meter

The highest Mountains

No. 1.

Galdhøpiggen 2469 meters

No. 2.

Glittertind 2464 meters (including its permanent snow cap)

The longest Fjord

The longest fjord in Norway is the Sognefjorden which is 204 kilometers long.

The longest River

The longest river in Norway is the Glomma, which is 600 kilometers long

The largest Island

The largest inhabited island in Norway is the island Hinnøya, 2198 m2.

The largest Lake

The largest lake in Norway is the Mjøsa, measuring 362 m2

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