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Norwegian food Photo: Kim Holthe

Norwegian food is not very different from other European food, and over the years we have all become more more or less international. We travel a lot to other countries and foreign destinations, and bring back new recipes and new ways of making food.

Here we will bring you some examples of typical Norwegian food that really is worth tasting, and some Norwegian recipes on food that you most probably will experience during your stay.

Norway is naturally most known for it's fish dishes, but you should know we also have lots of other tasty food.

If you are going to stay in a Norwegian Hotel, you will get traditional Norwegian breakfast. In my opinion, this is the best breakfast in the world, if your hotel is at normal high standard.

Try the cheese, also the brown one, the high quality milk, and not to forget the tasty bread.

We love our "spekemat" (salt, dried meat), and all kinds of marmelade from fruit and berries, and believe our strawberries are the best. Did we mention the coffee?  Norwegians loves coffee, and except for the Finnish people, we are the most coffee drinking ones in the world. Probably because it tastes good...

We want you to take a closer look at some dishes, so let's go ahead:


Norwegian svele

If you ever travel on a fjord-crossing ferry at the western parts of Norway, you just have to try this delicious cake called "svele".

It's a kind of pancake, and Norwegians eats them with a sugar and butter mix, or others prefers the "brunost", the sweet brown chese.

Norway has lots of specialities that is worth a try. Most of all fish dishes, but the coastal "svele" is an absolute must.

Here is the recipe on Norwegian Svele


Norwegian bacalao from cod

As many of you know, Norwegian food is closely connected to the ocean and the fish. For centurys the Norwegians has specialized in fish and fish dishes, both from fresh and dried fish.

Cod from the Norwegian sea is first class quality, and we are convinced that you will love the traditional bacalao, which is made from dried cod.

We want to present to you some popular and special fish dishes, and we here give you the Norwegian recipes of making Bacalao.

Here is the recipe on Bacalao


fish cakes from Dorthea Gjenbruk og Kreativitet

The next one coming up for you is the traditional Norwegian Fishcakes.

Throughout all times this has been one of the coastal favorites, and still is. It's tasty, simple, economic and most people love it.

Real Norwegian housewives are looking forward to February and March, when fish from the big ocean is seeking into the fjords. This is when the fish has reached absolute top quality, and the local fishermen are catching lots of them each year.
These fishcakes can not be compared to anything you get to buy in the store. This is fresh, homemade Norwegian food in top quality.

Here is the recipe on Norwegian Fishcakes

Grilled Stockfish

bestnorwegian grilled stockfish on plate

Grilled stockfish is about to be one of the most tasty and exclusive meals you can get in a Norwegian restaurant.

This is not what I will call a traditional Norwegian meal, as grilling does not have long traditions in Norway. It can of course be served cooked or fried, but having tasted both, I myself keep the grilled one as number one.

We bring you the recipe on how to do it, and it's quite simple actually, as long as you have access to high quality fish.

Here is the recipe on Grilled Stockfish

In the time to come we hope to introduce you to many Norwegian recipes, so please keep visiting!

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