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Norwegian fishcakes, or "Fiskekaker" as we say in Norway, has long traditions and are one of the most popular fish dishes in Norway.

There are almost as many recepies on Norwegian fishcakes as there are housewives in Norway, and that is also a long tradition: Add your own special taste to it.

You can use different kinds of fish, but the fish must be good quality, pure filet, no bones, and preferably not frozen before making the fishcakes. When made, you can put them in a freezer, and take out as many as you need for each meal.

And maybe the best way of all: Eat them warm and fresh right from the frying pan!

Here is one recipe, and there might be more


1 kg skin- and boneless haddock fillets

1 - 1 1/2 tablespoons of salt

3 tbs. potato starch

a little of ground nutmeg

a little of ground pepper

6 dl. cold milk

All ingredients should be cold.

Grind the fish once, and then transfer to a food processor.

Add salt, potato starch, nutmeg and pepper.

Process a few seconds until smoth. (Don't overdo!)

Gradually add the milk as you continue processing carefully.

Make medium size round cakes.

Fry in browned butter about 2 minutes each side.


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