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Norwegian cruises are really something special, and Norway is now the 4th most popular cruise destination in Europe. In this website we will try to give you a description of what to see on a cruise along the coastal Norway, and the facts you will want to know.

Tourists from all over the world are having their life time memory here, and they agree to that this is something different from other cruises.

The Norwegian Cruises seems to be more and more popular, and the pure nature, beautiful fjords, with waterfalls right down from the surrounding mountains, is a lifetime experience to many people.

In 2012 Tromsø was awarded the best cruise harbour in the World by Frommer's, as a port with extraordinary possibilities, including the Aurora Borealis.

Different ways of cruise experiences

Let's start with a short description of the Norwegian Hurtigruten, also called the Classic Norwegian Cruise.  Every day, all the year the Hurtigruten ships are sailing from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north.

The unique about the Hurtigruten cruises is that this is not only a cruise ship, it is also a cargo ship, bringing food, equipment and all kind of goods to and from the coastal cities and the small, remote communities along the Norwegian coast. Travelling on the Hurtigruten you will get a real close-up view of it all.

Cruise ship in Geiranger Norway

Then of course we have the cruise ships from all over the world that is visiting the many Norwegian harbours, mostly during the summer season.

Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger, Ålesund, Molde, Lofoten and Tromsø are all popular harbours to visit, and in this website you find a description of them all.

Norwegian Cruises have become extremely popular over the years, and by 2013, Norway had more than 40 cruise ship harbours.

Statistics about Norwegian cruises

Bergen Norway

Totally there was 2.187 cruise ships visiting Norwegian harbours through 2013, bringing 2 982 594 passengers to Norwegian destinations (2.046.166 in 2011 and 2.573.335 in 2012). The majority of cruise passengers were from Germany, UK and USA.

The Top Visited destination is Bergen, with 490.000 passengers. There was a huge increase from 2012 when Bergen had 446.900 cruise passengers visiting. In 2011 the number of passengers to Bergen was 350.248. 

We here bring you the Top 14 list of popular harbours:

1. Bergen 490.546 passengers

2. Stavanger 350.000 pass.

3. Geirangerfjord 314.900 pass.

4. Flåm 249.000 pass.

5. Ålesund 200.000 pass.

6. Oslo 175.000 pass.

7. Molde /Åndalsnes 155.500 pass.

Source: Cruise Norway

8. Hardangerfjord  144.200 pass.

9. Olden/Nordfjord 139.800 pass.

10. North Cape 121.200 pass.

11. Tromsø 108.500 pass.

12. Kristiansand 100.900 pass.

13. Trondheim 78.500 pass.

14. Skjolden 72.000 pass. 

The number of cruiseships that will visit Norway through 2014 is higher than ever, and so far 2098 ships are reported coming, bringing more than 2.750.000 passengers.

Norway as a cruise destination has received several awards from both the Russian market as well as the British market for being the best cruise destination experience, according to Cruise Norway.

Stavanger has gone from 62.000 visiting cruiseship passengers in 2006 to 343.500 in 2013. That is just amazing.

Stavanger also seems to be one of the top destinations in Norway also in 2014, even if a minor decrase in number of passengers is expected.

Cruiseships in Geiranger Photo: Tor Arne Grande

The Fjord of the Fjords, Geiranger, has more than 300.000 visiting passengers, which is quite impressing for a village with a population less than 500.

Norway is still a summer destination, but more and more passengers have opened their eyes for Winter Cruises.

So far, the main interest for winter cruises is among British passengers seeking a memorable European cruise, and totally there are more winter cruises to Norwegian destinations now than ever before.

Most selling are Northern Norway winter activities, that includes the possibility to experience the amazing Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis.

More and more companies are now bringing their customers to Norway by air, entering their ship in a Norwegian harbours like Oslo and Bergen.

The main airports are Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen and Bergen Lufthavn Flesland.

Whale Watching Cruises

Whales  Photo: Jeremy Åsen / Arctic Whale Tours

We also want to remind you about another kind of "cruises": The Whale Watching Cruises that has become more and more popular. Maybe not so easy to combine with an ordinary Norwegian cruise, but if you are planning a trip on the Hurtigruten, then you should consider the possibility of combining it with a whale watching safari.

Take a closer look at Whale Safari Andenes.

Talk to the Hurtigruten company when you order and see if they can help you.

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Disney Cruise to Norway

Disney Magic  Photo: Disney Cruise Line

In 2015 you can go on a Norwegian cruise on the "Disney Magic" visiting ports like Oslo, Stavanger, Ålesund, Bergen and Geiranger.


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