Norwegian bunad

Norwegian Bunad. Photo: Shigeru Ohki  / VisitTromsoRegion

Let's tell you about the Norwegian bunad: The traditional folk costumes that you find all over the country, and that has become more and more popular over the years.

Any tourist visiting Norway during summer have probably seen one or more of the traditional Norwegian "bunad", which is the name of the traditional, national costumes, and asked questions about them.

Norwegians use it for various celebrations, like weddings, folk dances, and of course on the May 17., the Norwegian Constitution Day celebrations.

It's also much used on religious occasions like baptism celebrations, confirmations and Christmas.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular, even among young people, especially girls.

A typical bunad is hand made in a very traditional way, even though some companys now are having them made in China now. (Probably 2 of 3 costumes are made in China these days).

Many different types

Sami Traditional Costume. Photo: Johan

It's at least 200 different types of Norwegian bunads, many claims as many as 400.

All counties have several different bunads, and most municipalities as well. These are very traditional in colors and design, and it's not allowed to make any changes.

It's impossible to show you all, but we show you some of them, and give you links to other websites showing photos of many more.

This photo shows a traditional Sami costume, which also has lots of different types.

Bunad Websites

Here is a website showing different Norwegian bunads

Here you can see som bunads from Møre and Romsdal

Beautiful bunads from Oppland county

The Nordlandsbunad is very popular, and the people of Norway has several times awarded it as "The most beautiful" of all Norwegian bunanads.

Silver Equipment

You can also see a catalogue showing silver equipment for Norwegian bunads: Catalogue showing bunadssilver

Catalogue Vest Agder Bunads

If you want more information you can visit the website of Norsk Husflid in Kristiansand, and download a catalogue showing the beautiful bunads in Vest Agder (Kristiansand region):

Go to Norsk Husflid Kristiansand

Lets take a look at a video from the Norwegian Husfliden:

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