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The year of 2013 made some huge changes in the Top 10 list over popular Norwegian Boys Names. Even the absolutely most popular name over many years had to let a new winner enter the stage.

You know: When it comes to names, some are always there, whatever changes in the fashion of names. Of course they are changing in popularity, but they are never gone.

Examples of these names are Lars, Ola and Erik for boys, and Anna and Marie for girls.

Some of the traditional names are Norwegian forms of names with roots in the Bible and from the Christian Saints.

These names are Jon, Nils, Lars, Per, Pål and Anders for boy's names, and Kari and Maria for girls.  None of these are among the most popular names in Norway.

From Nordic Saints we get the names Halvard, Knut, Ola or Olav and Erik, all names with long traditions in Norway. From year 1500 - 1900, Olav and Ola was the most common Norwegian boys names.

The names Jens and Ola was very popular during the 1800's, and are popular even today.

The name Lars is one of the strongest through our history. Even at the end of the 1900's, when traditional names was less used, Lars held it's popularity.  Actually, in my own family, my grandfather, my grand grandfather and my grand, grand grandfather were all named Lars.

If you are looking for an old, traditional Norwegian name for your boy child, then Lars, Erik or Eirik, Per and Olav are good, strong names.

Some names are stronger than others when it comes to naming a son after father. Old, traditional names like Lars, Andreas, Knut and Torstein are used for generation after generation.

The old Norwegian Kings names are still in use, like Olav, Haakon, Harald, Sverre and Magnus and many more.  Magnus was still the 9th most popular baby name in Norway in 2013.

The Top 10 popular Boy's Names in 2013

1. Filip / Phillip / Fillip / Philip

The Top 10 list of the most popular Norwegian boys names in Norway in 2013 is ready. We got a new winner! Different ways of spelling the same name, but it’s no doubt we got a new winner.

The name was number 6 in the popularity list in 2011. Did not follow up in 2012 when it fell out of the Top 10, but now it's back.

The name Phillip comes from Greek, and means something like ”who loves horses”.

2. William

And we have got a new number 2.  After falling two places down in 2012 it climbed to second place in 2013.

As a newbe on the Top 10 list in 2009, it reached the rank of #no 8.  In 2010 it climbed to a 4th place, and kept it's popularity even in 2011.

William had never been on that list before 2009, at least not after 1900. All years after 1995 the name William has increased its popularity, and in 2009 it finally reached the Top 10 for the first time.

In Sweden this was the most popular baby name for boys in 2004.

William is the English form of the German name Wilhelm, and is today recognized to have the meaning as "protector of the Kingdom".

The first part of the name "Wil" means "will of desire", and "helm" means "helmet /protection".

3. Lukas / Lucas

Number 3 for Lucas in 2013. After years as the absolute most popular name for boys in Norway.

From beeing no#5 on the list in 2007, Lucas was the most popular name for baby boys both in 2008, 2009, and in 2010.

2011 made a change, when Lucas was one place down, and became the second most popular name, but in 2012 it was back on the Throne as number one.

The name comes from the latin Lucanos, and means "Light", but can also mean "Man from Luciania".

4. Mathias / Matias

The name is almost keeping it’s position also in 2013!  Number 3 last year, falling to 4th place in 2013.  Not bad at all.

The name Mathias has changed in popularity over the last years. From beeing the Winner Name in 2007, it became second in 2008. In 2009 it was no#5 in popularity, while it ranked as no#3 in the list for 2010, and still was in 2011.

Mathias is a greek name form, and means "Mattheus".

5. Jacob / Jakob

New on the list this year is Jacob / Jakob.  Climbing 6 places from last year it is now on the Top 10 list.

The name is supposed to be origined in the Hebraic name Ya'aqov, and can mean something like "who holds the heal". The meaning comes from the Bible and refers to Jacob, son of Isac and Rebecca, who was holding the heal of his brother Esau when he was born.  It can also mean "protected by God".

Note: The names from the Bible is taken from the Norwegian translation of the Bible.

6. Oscar / Oskar

Oscar (also written Oskar) was new on the Top 10 list in 2012 and came on the 7th place on the list. In 2013 it climbed to 6th place in popularity.

Oscar is a boy's name with Angelsaxian origin.

It has 2 parts: "os" that means God, and "gar" that means "spear".  Another possible meaning is "deer lover", if derived from the Gaelic "os" meaning deer and "cara" meaning lover.

7. Oliver

The boy's name Oliver have had an exploding popularity, from beeing no#18 in 2007, no#8 in 2008, and in 2009 no# 4.

In 2010 it lost some of it's popularity and ended as no#9 in the Top Ten, but in 2011 it was fighting it’s way back to be number 7 and ended as number 10 in 2012.

Now, in 2013 it was the 7th most popular boy's name in Norway.

The name Oliver refers to the olive tree.

8. Alexander / Aleksander

The number 10 in 2010,  Alexander or Aleksander was out of the Top 10 in 2011.

In 2011 the experts told us that Mathias, Alexander and Kristoffer might be on their way down the popularity lists.  Well.  It seems like they were wrong!

In 2012 it became ranked as number 5, and in 2013 it still holds the Top 10 and is ranked number 8 on the list.

The meaning of the name is "defender" or also "defending man".

It actually is coming from the Greek name Alexandros, which can be split in two parts: "alex" and "andros".  "Alex is coming from the Greek word "alexein" which means defend or help. The other part, "andros" comes from the Greek word "aner" that means man.

9. Magnus

Just like Mathias and William, Magnus is still holding it's popularity.  Almost.

From beeing no#7 both in 2007 and in 2008, it ended no#10 in 2009.  In 2010 it increased it's popularity to be no.5, and still was in 2011.  Number 8 in 2012 was not bad at all.

In 2013 it was one place fon to be number 9.

An old Norwegian name, with roots back to the age of the vikings.

Magnus comes from latin, and means "Big".

10. Isac / Isak / Isaac

Isac keeps climbing, and from beeing the 16th most popular boy's name in Norway in 2012, it took it to number 10 in 2013.

Isac is a boy's name from Hebraic origin, and has the meaning "laughter" or "son of joy".

Over the years it has been a quite unusual name in Norway, and is number 211 on the list of Norwegian male names.

Out of the list from last year:


Quite a change for Emil this year. The second most popular name in 2012, and out of the list in 2013.

In 2007, Emil was the 9th most popular babyname in Norway, and in 2008 it was no#4.

Then, in 2009 and in 2010 it was the second most popular name, while it was the most popular of all boy’s names in Norway in 2011.

Emil comes from French, and means "Friendly".


Jonas was ranked as number 4 on the popularity-list in 2012.  Out of the list in 2013.  It really has ups and downs this name's popularity.

Jonas was ranked number 7 in 2010, but was out of the Top 10 in 2011.

According to the website "", the name is a form of Jonah, that comes from the hebraic word "yonah" that means "pigeon".

Marcus or Markus

Marcus was the 3rd most popular name in Norway in both 2007 and 2008. 

In the statistics from 2009 it became no#7, and in 2010 it climbed to 6th place. The experts claims that Marcus is one of the names that is about to loose it’s popularity, even in longer terms, and they might be right.

2 places down to be number 8 in 2011, and almost kept it's position in 2012 ending up as number 9. 

Marcus comes from the name of "the God Mars".

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