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Throughout history the names of braves has ever been popular. In Norway there are many names of Norwegian vikings and kings, and even older names, like Norse names and from Nordic Mythology.

Here you can read about some of the names in this category, and see which of them are in use today. Some of them are even very popular.

As we all know there are a lot of names which means ”brave” or ”fearless”. Often the reason for choosing these names was the parents wish for the child to grow up as brave.

Today we do not believe this is the case, but still many of these names are quite popular, even if the parents mostly choose the name without beeing aware of the meaning of it.

Names for brave Girls

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If there was any doubt: There are also girls names that has the meaning of ”brave”, and are among the Names of Braves..

Names like Modgunn, Nanfrid, Nanna and Rigmor are some of them.

17 girls in Norway has the name ”Modgunn”, which means ”brave in battle”, and 14 girls are called ”Nanfrid” which means ”brave and beautiful”.

Nanna was the name of Balder’s wife in the Nordic mythology, and Nanna means ”the brave and most faithful of all women”.

570 girls in Norway today are named Nanna, but the name is also recognized as a variation of the name ”Anna”, which means ”the merciful”.

4200 girls and women in Norway has the name ”Rigmor”, and about the same number in Sweden. The meaning comes from the German ”rikmut”, which means ”brave and strong”.

Today almost no babies in Norway are named Rigmor. Back in the 1980’s only 2 – 3 persons were given the name, and it had its top in popularity i the 1940’s.

The English names Tracey and Tracy are heroic Keltic names and means ”brave warrior”.  Almost 50 girls are named Tracey or Tracy in Norway.

The Greec name Hero was originally a boys name, and means ….. ”Hero”!

Now it is registered as a girls name, and 21 girls in Norway are called Hero.

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Names for brave Boys

Names of Braves are often thought of as boy's names. As we have seen, also many girls names are represented on the list.

Let's now take a look at the boy's "names of braves".

Hermod was the name of one of Odin’s sons. The mothers name was Frigg. Hermod was a brave warrior, and a messenger of God. He was even so brave that he was sent to Hell to get Balder back. 520 men in Norway are named Hermod.

Nandor is also old-Norwegian, and means ”brave as the god Tor”, but today only 12 men in Norway are named Nandor.

3200 men has the name Tormod, which has the same meaning. Tormod was most popular during the 1930’s, but now there are only 15-20 new ”Tormod”’s every year.

A really old boys name, ”Folke” means ”chief” or ”brave leader”. The name is not much used in Norway, but in Sweden as many as 19.000 are named Folke.

The Islandic name ”Hjalte” also means, ”a hero, a brave giant”, and the name ”Eimod” means ”always brave”. However: These names are quite rare in Norway, as there are 9 Hjalte and only 2 are named Eimod.

36 Norwegians are called ”Modulf”, which means ”brave like a wolf”.

The name ”Bernhard” means ”brave like a bear”, and about 800 Norwegians are called Bernard or Bernhard. The short form of the name Berhard is ”Bernt”, and 3300 men are called Bernt in Norway today.

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Other Names of Braves

Other rare names with origin in ”brave” are:

Boys name Eberhard, which is German and means ”strong and brave like a wild boar”

Girls name Ebba which has the same meaning.

Boys name Gerhard which means ”brave javelin-thrower”.

Boys name Konrad which means ”brave advicer”, and is used by only 1000 men in Norway, but the short-form ”Kurt” is used by 3800.

Leopold means ”brave as a lion”.

Leander means ”lionman”. Girls name Leandra comes from the same name, and both are reffering to "brave".

Calvin means ”brave”.

Girls name Valeria or Valerie means ”one of value that assert oneself ”.

From hebraic we have the names ”Caleb” and ”Kaleb” which means both ”faithful” and ”brave”.

Source: Øyvind Hartberg

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