Maaloy / Måløy

Maaloy Norway -  Photo: Jason Dunning / HRG archive

Maaloy, or Måløy in Norwegian language, is a small, Norwegian town in the Vågsøy Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County. We find this small community in the southern side of the island Vågsøy.

The Coat of Arms

To the left you can see the coat-of-arms of Vågsøy municipality. It shows two silver colored rudders on blue background, and it was approved in March 1987.

The Coat of Arms was designed by an artist from Nordfjord; Inge Rotevatn.

Vågsøy is known as the second biggest fishing municipality in Norway, and has around 6000 inhabitants living in Vågsøya, Bryggja and the islands Risøy, Husevågøy, Grindøy, Gangsøyand Silda.

Hurtigruten Norway on Classic Norwegian Cruises

If you are interested in Norwegian cruises you should know that this is one of the harbours for the Hurtigruten ships on their classic Norwegian cruise.

Both the northbound and southbound ship is arriving Måløy early in the morning every day.

The town of Måløy has about 3000 inhabitants.

In 1974 the Måløy bridge was completed, and by that a new and important connection to the mainland

Kråkenes Lighthouse

Kråkenes Lighthouse in Maaloy Norway. Photo: C. Hill / wikipedia

In Vågsøy you also find the amazing Kråkenes Lighthouse, with a weather station and the mainhouse for the former lighhouse keeper and their family.

The Lighthouse was first build in 1906, but was destroyed by an Allied bomb raid during WW II.

Kråkenes lighthouse was then rebuild, and was in use until it was automatized in 1986 and abandoned. Today you find a restaurant in the building, and it also has rooms available if you would like to experience a night on a Norwegian lighthouse.

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