The M marking

the M marking from Moss

The M marking represents the Moss Glassverk AS, established in January 18. 1898.

On the 22. December that year the production started with one melting oven. The production was manual, with 32 Glass Blowers.

In 1907 the company had two ovens and 65 glass blowers! At that time there were many Norwegian Glass Factorys, and the most important people in the foundation of the Moss Glassverk was Anton Thorstenson at Liljedahls Glassbruk in Sweden, Mr. Wegerberg in Schous Brewery in Christiania (now Oslo) and mr. Oppegaard at Christiania Brewery union.

Two other important Glass factorys in Norway at that time was the Bergen Glasværk and Laurvig Glasværk. The competition was tough.

In 1913 the Moss Glassverk and Laurvig Glasværk is making a cooperative agreement, and late the same year Bergen Glasværk is joining them. In the 1920's there are great problems with the supply of coal and other materials, and the production is often stopped.

In 1926 the Laurvig Glasværk is shut down, and in 1927 is Bergen Glasværk doing the same.

Moss Glassverk is producing through these tough years, until the company in 1988 is bought by the PLM AB in Sweden, and the production is closed down in 1999.

By 2006, all the factory- buildings are all removed.

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