Laurvig and dotted L markings

a Laurvig marking on fishing float

This is one of the markings of Laurvig Glassværk, in Larvik, Norway.

Besides Moss Glasværk there were two other important glass factorys in Norway around 1900: The Bergen Glasværk and Laurvig Glasværk.

There seems to be at least two different markings on floats from the Laurvig company: The "LAURVIG" and the dotted "L".To the left you can see the beautiful LAURVIG marking, which seems to be quite rare.

The Laurvig dotted marking And here is the dotted "L" marking, which seems to be the most common ones among the Laurvig float productions.

The competition was tough. In 1913 the Moss Glassverk and Laurvig Glasværk is making a cooperative agreement, and late the same year Bergen Glasværk is joining them.

In the 1920's there are great problems with the supply of coal and other materials, and the production is often stopped.

In 1926 the Laurvig Glasværk is shut down.

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