Kristiansund Norway

Kristiansund is a charming and beautiful city surrounding a natural harbour, representing Norwegian coastal environment at it's very best.
Walk the streets and feel the special athmosphere that sets you in a good mood. The city is a centre for fishing and the oil industry, build on islands connected with bridges.

Kristiansund has many restaurants and cafe's, and you would not leave the town without tasting the local "bacalao", would you. The culinary traditions go back for hundreds of years, as a result of exporting and trading fish on international basis.

Here you will find top quality fish menu's, and with the big ocean just outside the door it is easy to understand that this is the place for eating fresh fish.

Hotels and accomodation

Even if this is a small town you will find as many as 4 hotels in town. The city has become a base for the oil industri and the offshore activity in the region, and that explains the need of hotel capacity.

The most exclusive one is Rica Hotel, but also Quality Hotel Grand, Thon Hotel and Comfort Hotel Fosna are recommendable.

Kristiansund and the Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten approaching Kristiansund - Photo: Marius Fiksdal

The coastal express, Hurtigruten, call the port of the town every day of the year, both on its way to the north and back south.

Many passengers from the Hurtigruten voyage go by bus to Molde, via the amazing Atlantic Road.
Between Molde and Kristiansund you will be passing the scenic village of Bud, a former fisher village with the open ocean at their doorstep.

From the city centre there are express buses every hour to Molde and Ålesund, and express boat to Trondheim.

This far out on the coast the weather is very changing, and it is said that you can experience all 4 seasons in the same day.

What to do?

Beautiful nature is surrounding the town, and this is the place to go fishing, even for a just few hours. Or you can hire a local fishing boat to take you out to open sea, where you might both get fish and maybe see beautiful eagles circling over you.

What about a sightseeing trip on a private boat, or go on a tour to experience the Atlantic Road nearby.


Not far away you can visit the beautiful little coastal community of Veidholmen.

We have a presentation of the place, and hope you will take a look.

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Coat of Arms

coat of arms

The Coat of Arms is showing a waterfall from a high cliff or mountain, and salmons trying to swim or jump upstream.
The numbers are showing the year of 1742.
On top it has a castle-shaped crown with 5 towers in gold.

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