My Kitchen Window View

Here I invite you to follow my days in photos, showing you the view from my kitchen window.

Not an every-day update, but as often as possible.

From late December 2013 I will present temperatures both in Celcius °C and in Fahrenheit °F.

March 21. 2015

Spring is about to appear in Fiksdal, and on this beautiful morning of March 21. we can see the first signs of green colors in nature after a quite mild winter.

Outside the temperature shows 4°C (35°F).

The winter fishery in the fjord is very good this year, and there is a lot of big cod coming in from the ocean this time of the year.

Easter is just around the corner, and even if we had some snow last week, it is all gone now and the sun is melting the winter away.

February 1. 2015

Norwegian kitchen window view

Then we are in the year 2015, and we have winter in Norway. On December 25th in the evening it started snowing (see under) and since then we have had this tyoical weather for the coastal Norway. Temperature is around 0°C (32°F), and some days raining and some days snowing.

As you can see on the photo, on February it was almost like spring, but as I put the photo up on the page, it has been all white again.

10-15 cm snow today, and it will be more. Until Thursday when the weather forecast says rain again.

The good news is that the sun is back after the darkest part of the winter.

December 26. 2014

Norway in Winter clothing

During the night between December 25th and 26th the winter came to Fiksdal. A few days now we have had low temperatures, minus 5°C (about 20°F), and now tha snow came too.

35 to 40 cm of snow, and still cold weather means a beautiful, traditional Christmas feeling, and many people are happy about this.

Please also take a look at "Norwegian Images" page to see more photos.

December 6. 2014

Kitchen window view december 6-2014

This is Fiksdal Norway, and my kitchen window view on December 6th at 10.30 in the morning. Beautiful weather, but as you can see there is not much daylight.

Still no snow, except for in the mountains, and the temperature down by the fjord is appr. 1.5°C or 34.5°F at this point of the day.

There is a lot of baking going on these days, and if you want to you can also take a look at some Norwegian Christmas traditions, and see if they're very different from yours.

November 15. 2014

My Norwegian fjord view in November

This is my kitchen window view on November 15th, and it is another beautiful day.

The daylight is very low, and the days are getting shorter every day. Temperature outside is 1,5°C or 34.5°, and freezing cold during the night. But beautiful clear sky every day, in a month that normally has real bad weather, with rain and wet snow as the usual.

Today I have been working in the garden, and this cold weather is excellent for som hard work. Maybe I should show you my house and garden as well.... ?

October 5. 2014

Autumn at the fjord, as seen from my kitchen window.

Autumn is here, and from my kitchen window I can see the colors in the nature changing rather fast now.

Last night I was in Ålesund at midnight, and the temperature was close to 20°C (67°F) and that is very unusual. Today the temperatur has fallen, and rain and wind has taken over.

Out in the fields the sheep has come home from the mountains after the season, and are soon to be found on Norwegian dinner tables. A lot of the meat is beeing prepared for the Christmas traditions, and we present som of these food in our "Norwegian Christmas" page.

September 23. 2014

My kitchen window view on september 23

This is September 23. in the middle of the day. The autumn is absolutely here now and the temperatures has fallen.

Early this morning in Fiksdal we had 4°C (35°F) and there has been snow coming in the surrounding mountains.

On the TV yesterday we could see that the first snow had fallen in the city of Tromsø, and that might just not be the best sign.

The days are quite much shorter now, and the evenings are coming earlier and earlier. I still believe in a beautiful autumn with the amazing colors, and I believe that those of you travelling to Norway in September or October might have a beautiful time. Nothing beats the autumn when it comes to colors.

September 10. 2014

My fjord view september 10 2014

This is September 10th, and the long warm summer has continued. The best summer ever, I believe, and the driest, and the warmest.

We start to see the first signs of autumn now, and we all hope it will be as nice to us as the spring and the summer has been.

August 12. 2014

My kitchen window view in August

This is August 12th, at 08:30 in the morning, and we see another beautiful day coming up.

The high temperatures are continuing, and we have never had anything like this before. Warm days and almost no rain, except for the last few days in the south western part of the coast where there was some days now with rain and storm.

Summer vacation is almost over. This is my 4th week of vacation, and the two last weeks I was in Northern Norway visiting Indre Kvarøy where my wife comes from. Beautiful weather in beautiful surroundings.

I will put up some photos of the place in my Norwegian Images page so you can see both Indre Kvarøy and the beautiful Træna islands even far more out in the ocean that we visited last Friday.

July 28. 2014

Norway and my kitchen window view

This is my kitchen window view in the early afternoon of July 28, and it's just another of those beautiful days in 2014. You have to go back to 1880 to find a warmer and nicer summer than we have this year.

Week after week with temperatures at 20-25° C (70-75F°), and many of the days has shown around 30°C (85F°). It's almost too much for us, that has a normal summer at around 15°C (58F°).

The last 4 weeks I have been in Geiranger for the most, at work, and I will show you some photos in the Norwegian Images page.

You can also see a lot of my photos if you visit me at my Pinterest boards.

July 7. 2014

Fjord view Norway in July 2014

This is my kitchen window view in the afternoon on July 7th, and after a long periode of warm weather, it's a bit more chilly today.

The temperature shows 15°C (60°F) and there are some rainshowers on their way.

For the 2 last weeks I have been to Geiranger in my work as busdriver, and it has been some busy weeks. Lots of tourists all day, and all of them wanting to go to the viewpoints up in the mountains. I have taken a lot of photos from there, so check out my Geiranger page.

June 18. 2014

Norwegian Fjord June 2014

It seems we're heading back to normal when it comes to the weather. The last week was rather chilly, and today, on June 18th it's a bit rainy, some fog and a temperature that barely holds 8°C (47°F).

It's only a few days to midsummer celebration, and we sure hope for better temperature than this.

Out in the opening of the fjord we see cruise ships come and go to the main cruise harbours in the area, and both Molde, Geiranger, Ålesund and Åndalsnes are very popular.

Next week I'm going to Geiranger to work for 4 weeks, and hope to bring you some beautiful photos on

June 4. 2014

My kitchen view at night in June

This photo was taken at 03:00 in the night from my kitchen window. Another beautiful day is on it's way, and the fjord is calm, red and quiet.

As you can see it is still some weeks to mid summer, and the lightest nights are still ahead. Where I live is too far south to have the midnight sun, but we have these nights with almost daylight when we get to 22. of June.

The weather last has been beautiful for the last weeks, even if the temperature has been only 13 to 18°C (a little more than 60°F).

National Day -  May 17.

National Day with flag and the beautiful fjord.

This photo is taken on May 17th, the Norwegian National Day or Constitution Day. Quite nice weather, but some wind, and the temperature was close to 10°C (a little below 50°F).

The day was celebrated in our small village in the most traditional way. First there was a service in the church in Fiksdal, and then people gathered to the people's parade with flags and march-music from the local orchestra. This is something like the highlight of the day, that starts and ends in the schoolyard.

After the parade there is coffe and cakes for the grown-ups, and ice cream, soda and hot-dogs for the children. Then starts the playing games for the children, with different competitions, rewarded with sweets and chocolade.

In the afternoon there is a great gathering in the community house, with the children singing, speech of the day and different entertainment.

We had a great celebration this year, and are proud of our way of celebration, with the children in the center of it all.

If you want to see some photos of the way we celebrate you can take a look here.

May 1. 2014

I woke up this morning on May 1. and could see the snow on it's way in from the ocean and to the fjord. It was 07:45.

You see the snow out there in the opening of the fjord?

And then, some 30 minutes later it was snowing outside my window, and it was winter again.

But then, a few hours later, at 12:45 it was sun and summer again. Well, it's still quite cold of course.

We all must agree. It's a changing climate in Norway, and when you are travelling to Norway you should prepare for it. Bring warm clothes!

April 21. 2014

My kitchen window view on April 21. 2014

It is still early spring, but the warm weather after a mild winter has speeded it all up now.

The last days of Easter have been beautiful, with temperatures in daytime around 12-15°C. When the sun sets the temperature is falling to 5 to 8°C and it feels really cold.

My advice for tourists travelling this time of the year is to be careful even when it feels warm. The air is "sharp" and you can easily get a cold. Bring your warmest clothes, and get them on as soon as you are out of the reach of the sun.

But it's the best time of the year in my opinion. See some photos in my Norwegian Images page.

April 1. 2014

My kitchen vindow view on April 1. 2014 in Norway

This photo is taken from my kitchen window on April 1. and shows the start of another beautiful day in Fiksdal. Temperature this morning at 08:30 is 5.5°C or about 42°F, and the spring is on.

The winter fishery in the fjord when the big fish from the ocean is coming in is almost over.

This is clean high quality fish from the ocean outside, and something local fishers all along the coast is looking forward to every year.

We have Easter holiday soon, and for most people that means more than a week off from work and school. People are going to their cabins in the mountain to go skiing, to highland hotels or just daytrips, while others are starting the boat season.

Anyway: This is the best time of the year!

March 23. 2014

My kitchen vindow view on March 23. 2014 in Norway

Today it is Sunday, and it's the 23. of March. The outside temperature is 3.2°C or 39°F, and it seems we will have a wonderful day. The snow has left again, and as the sun is raising higher and higher each day, we are close to the spring now.

This year we expect you will travel to Norway, and experience our beautiful fjord views yourself.

Just take a look at the Geirangerfjord, and imagine yourself walking along the streets of Ålesund with it's beautiful Jugendstyle buildings.

March 16. 2014

My kitchen window view on march 16. 2014

From having spring, and nice mild temperatures for the last weeks, we woke up to some snow today. Not much, but it still feels like a bad happening.

This morning it was +1°C or 33°F, and it's ok to stay inside and just stay warm.

However, as I mentioned the spring has come, and the birds are coming back from their winter vacation in Africa. We are all looking forward to it now, and even if this winter was the warmest for more than 100 years, the springtime is the best time of the year.

Maybe you are visiting Norway this year?  Take a look at our page, presenting the Whale Watching Cruises in Vesterålen.  Put it in your plans!

March 5. 2014

My kitchen window view Norwegian Fjord

The winter is still mild, and we have no snow. The temperature in daytime is from +5°C to +12°C or 40 to 55°F.

Old people does not remember any winter like this one, ith no snow, no rain and high temperatures almost all the time.  I saw a program on TV yesterday, and they told us that the average temperature for February in Spitzbergen (Svalbard) was 14°C (almost 60°F) higher than normal.

The spring is on it's way, and the first flowers has appeared in the garden.

February 10. 2014

Norwegian Fjord in February 2014

The last week has been beautiful. Dry, no rain, no snow, no wind ... It's almost unbelievable, being in February. The temperature today has reached 11°C (+) or around 50°F.

The weather forecast says it will be no change for the coming days, and we really feel it's springtime. But it's February!

February 1. 2014

Kitchen window view february 2014

When I write this it's 9°C or 48°F outside, and that's quite extraordinary being in February.

Here where I live in the Molde / Ålesund region we have had a winter that has ben very special. Almost no snow so far, and in January there has been no snow and no rain at all. Quite a lot of wind, but who cares?

The only problem now is that is has got so dry, that the ground and the forest makes a danger when it comes to fire. Many places on the western coast of Norway there has been huges fires the last month, and hundreds of buildings has burned down.

January 24. 2014

Sunrise from my kitchen window
Sunrise in Norwegian fjord

It's sunrise outside my kitchen window, in the morning of January 24th. Outside it's 3°C or 35°F, and no wind.

2 photos today, both taken at the same time. The first one shows the view to the north, and the other one show you the view to the south-east.

The last week have been just amazing when it comes to weather, and while most of Norway has snow, storm and freezing cold temperatures, this region (near Ålesund and Molde) have had the best winter in many, many years.

The sun is back now, and daylight is staying longer and longer. We know there might still be more snow and winter, but we are in the end of January now, so this winter will be short anyway.

January 12. 2014

my kitchen window fjord view

During the weekend we got winter coming. Not much snow, maybe 5-8 cm, and on Sunday evening the temperature fell to minus 5°C (about 20°F)  and Monday morning January 13th the temperature had fallen to minus 9.5°C (14°F).

But the roads were ok and I had a nice day at work, driving the local bus.

For the next days the weather forecast says no more snow, and the temperature is expected to stay around 0°C or maybe a few plus (32°F - 38°F).

January 1. 2014

My kitchen window view on January 1. 2014

This is 2014 ladies and gentlemen! It is January 1. and it's 12 o'clock mid day.

The temperature shows 4°C plus, 39.2°F, and the fjord is calm and quiet. New years eve was enjoyed in company with good friends, and at midnight we were all outside watching the fireworks in all it's colors coming from all around the fjord.

We have enetered a new year, and hope it will bring joy and happiness to us all.

December 22. 2013





Yesterday was the darkest day of the year, and from that day the sun is starting raising a bit day by day, and in a month or so we start to see the difference.

Today, on the 22. of December I took some photos to show you how it is. The temperature is around 3 to 5°C (37.5 -41°F) during the day, and it has been raining most of the day.

The images shows my kitchen window view at 09:00 in the morning, then 10:00, 13:00 and the last one is from 17:00 in the afternoon when it was completely dark again.

December 15. 2013

It is December 15th today, and we have had a really stormy week. The temperature has gone from minus 13°C (10°F) last Sunday, to +13°C (55.4°F) this afternoon.  The photo is taken at 16:00 in the afternoon, and as you can see the darkness is entering the scene already.

Still the days are getting shorter, but on December 21. the sun is starting raising again, and slowly the days will turn longer.

We're close to Christmas now, and this week we will buy our Christmas tree, and finish the last presents for the big evening.

December 7. 2013

snow in a Norwegian fjord

Winter has come, and for the last 24 hours we have had about 20 cm snow, and as you see, it's still snowing. The temperature is minus 2.3°C, which is a normal winter temperature here on the west coast of Norway.

So beside showel snow away it's not much to do outside.

We are all busy preparing Christmas now, buying the presents, the Christmas food and decorating all over on the outside of the house.

December 1. 2013

Norway stormy fjord

After a really stormy night, with wind from North, we woke up to the first day of December. Outside it's still windy, and the temperature shows +5.5°C.  As you can see from the photo, the fjord is rough at the moment, not from big waves which is quite unusual here in the fjords, but the wind is strong and comes with heavy gusts, and can be dangerous for smaller boats.

We have had a week where the winter was visiting, with both snow and ice, but now it is all gone. Hopefully we will keep winter away until Christmas. But we never know, and as long as we have the wind coming from the North and the North Pole, the snow is probably not far away.

I have a page about Norwegian Christmas too, so please take a look at some Norwegian Christmas traditions.

November 16. 2013

The storm has calmed down for a while, and so has the rain, but the forecast says heavy rain and strong storm when the night comes.

The temperature this morning was + 10°C, so it's quite warm to be mid November.

The days are quite short, and real daylight is from 10:00 untill 15:00.

November 4. 2013

Norway Fjord in November 2013

This is the fjord outside my window in early November. It's calm and quiet, the clock shows 16:05 in the afternoon, and the temperature is 3°C.

As you can see, my side of the fjord is in shadow from the mountain behind us, making the days even shorter.

The snow that came in the mountains some days ago is almost gone, because of the warm days in late October as I told you about.

Soon enough it will be covering the upper part of the landscape.  If we're lucky the snow will keep away in the lower areas till Christmas.

October 20. 2013

Fjord in Norway, October 2013

This is my kitchen window view in the morning on October 20. 2013. The temperature outside is around 0, or 0.4°C to be exactly, after beeing down to minus 2 or 3°C during the night. My car parked outside the house is covered with ice right now.

TNow the sun is about to rise over the horizon, to be with us just for a few hours now.

We have had the first nights of frost and ice, and the mountains are already covered with snow.  The snow might cover the landscape any time now, and we feel the summer is definately over.

However; This time of the year the temperature can be quite changing, and the weather forecast for next week tells us we might have temperatures up to + 18°C on Wednesday, so we are looking forward to a few warm days.

October 1. 2013

Evening mood by Norwegian fjord

This photo is taken from my kitchen window at 18:00 in the evening on October 1. 2013.  The temperature is 8.8°C, and a beautiful day is at it's end. The last week it has been just an amazing weather, and we hope for a long lasting autumn like this.

The coming weekend I am going to Bergen with the Hurtigruten, and are looking forward to get some beautiful photos, if the weather keeps up.

September 30. 2013

Tomrefjorden Norway

Today we have that good feeling again. It's 12 o'clock and mid-day. The sun is shining, and the temperature reaches 15°C for a few hours.

We have already had the first snow in the mountains, but the warm sun has taken it away for some days. When the sun goes down, the temperature is falling quite fast down to 7 to 8°C, and during the night it's touching 0.

September 14. 2013

The Tomrefjorden in September

Autumn has come, and the weather has changed during the last 2 weeks. We still can have days with more than 20°C but the feel of the air is different.

Today is September 14th, and it is 08:05 in the morning. The temperature shows 10,2°C and it's raining a little. However, the fjord is calm and there is no wind.

Today we will be going to Ålesund to do some shopping, and just enjoy the weekend. After a long week of hard work it will be nice to have a couple of days off, and charge the batteries before monday comes.

September 2. 2013

From my kitchen window in September 2nd 2013

This is September 2. at 19:15 in the evening, and a quite beautiful day is at it's end.

The temperature shows 14°C, and we feel that autumn is on it's way. After a periode with nice temperatures, it fell down to 10 degrees Celsius this weekend, and was even down to 8°C in the early morning.

Geiranger, Molde and Ålesund still have visits from cruiseships, but many signs tells us that it's not full season anymore.

We keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful autumn, like a Norwegian autumn really can be.

August 2. 2013

My kitchen view in the early morning

It is early in the morning on August 2. and the sun is about to rise. The temperature shows 17°C and we still feel the summer.

Parts of July was rainy and quite chilly, but the last week was beautiful, with temperatures above 20°C and long sunny days.

In 3 weeks now the school is starting up, and most people will be back from vacation, so it's all getting back to normal.

Geiranger and Ålesund is reporting about a great season with many tourists visiting, and many of them has enjoyed mornings like this.

July 26. 2013

Norwegian Fjord view

After a week with clear, blue sky, and temperatures around 22 - 25°C we could see the first signs of change in the weather.

The photo is taken at 21:35 in the evening, and the temperature is still 18°C. An hour later it was raining, but it seems the weekend still will come up with nice weather.

The vacation is over, and after the first week of working it's nice to relaxe on the terrace with a cold beer.

July 4. 2013

My kitchen window view

This photo is taken on July 4. at 18:23 in the afternoon. It's a bit cloudy, but another nice day has gone by. The temperature shows 16°, but we have seen many days with temperature around 20 now, so we are satisfied with the summer so far.

In the background you can see a ship from Aker Solutions leaving Tomrefjorden and the Langsten shipyard. Untill a few weeks ago this shipyard was owned by the Korean STX OSV company, but now it has been taken over by the Italian company Fincantieri.

June 21. 2013

Fiksdal on June 21, 2013

This is Fiksdal at 05:15 in the morning of June 21. 2013. The temperature shows 12°C and it looks to be a nice day.

It's my last day at work before I start my 4 weks summer holiday, and hopefully the weather will keep up.  The last month has been fine, and not as much rain as usual. Tomorrow we will celebrate midsummer with a bonfire down by the fjord, something we all are looking forward to.

June 01. 2013

Weather report from Fiksdal in June

We are in June now, and the last week has been incredible when it comes to weather and temperature.

22 and 23°C and even more for days and days, and people are enjoying.

Then, on May 31. in the late afternoon the rain came back, and the temperature dropped immediately. The photo is taken on June 1. at 16:30 in the afternoon.

The weather forecast is not bad, so we hope this 8 - 10°C will be over soon. On Tuesday we are promised sun again.

May 18. 2013

The first days of spring

Then the spring came along. On the morning of May 18 there was 20.5 °C outside, and as you can see the colors of summer are on their way.

The last few days has been warm, and we think we deserve it after a 6 months long and cold winter. Now it's time for gardening, and outdoor life. And for the long summer nights ahead.

May 1. 2013

View of the fjord in Fiksdal, Norway

Finally, after weeks with changing temperatures between minus 2 and plus 10, we see some sign of the spring coming.

Today it's 4°C but quite nice actually, but we still do not know whether it will be a sunny day or a rainy day. The weather forecast says we can expect warmer weather for the cing days, but there might be days ahead with snow and cold as well.

We'll see, and keep our optimism going ....

April 15. 2013

Fiksdal in the evening of April 15.

From minus 8°C last week, the temperature increased by almost 25°C to 16°C today! After heavy rain and wind last night, the snow was almost gone, and it felt like summer outside.

This photo is taken from my kitchen window this evening at 19:35, and as you can see both the light and the spring is coming now.

April 6. 2013

Norway climate in April

The snow was actually gone now, but when I woke up this morning: This is what I could see from my kitchen window at 09:15.

Around 0°C, and 20 cm of snow, and it kept on snowing during the day. In the evening the temperature fell to minus 3.5°C, but at least the snow stopped.

Somebody should tell king Winter that it's enough now!

March 31. 2013


Norway in snow


Norway fjord

It's the last day of March today, and in the winter's fight against spring we get a weather like this.

The first one is taken 08:24 this morning and the one to the right is taken at 14:09. Quite a change isn't it?

We have just had Easter in the most fantastic weather conditions, and people has really been out enjoying the weather and their days off.

March 20. 2013

Sunrise in Fiksdal Norway

Woke up early this morning, ready for work, at 05:55. This is how this beautiful morning looked like in Fiksdal.

It gave me a good start of the day, and I want to share the moment with you all.

Outside it's cold, -4.4°C, but it is late in March now, and the sun is warming us up during the day.

March 9. 2013

Norwegian Fjord

What a beautiful day! It's 08:30 in the morning, and we are in March now. Outside it's - 5.5°C, but as you can see the snow is gone (again).

We have had a periode of both snow and rain lately, and that's just normal for the season.

February 25. 2013

bestnorwegian kitchen view february 25

It is 07:30 in the morning here in Fiksdal, and spectacular colors is meeting me outside my kitchen window.

What you see is the view from my kitchen window towards the north, meaning the opening of the fjord. The town Molde is hiding behind the landscape and the tree in the middle of the photo.

The temperature is - 2°C, and the fjord is like a mirror, waiting for the sun to rise.  As you can see, the snow is almost gone, after some days with mild and rainy weather.

February 15. 2013

February 15. 2013 kitchen window view

It's February 15th today, at 12:45, and a nice day in Fiksdal.

The temperature has finally raised to around 0°C again, after another cold periode. Actually we have had almost 3 months of temperatures below 0°C this winter.

The snow is still here, but still very little, and the sun has raised so high during daytime that we actually can feel the heat from it.

I'm just back after a week in Turkey, which was a roundtrip by bus from Antalya around the western part of the country and back to Antalya again.  Quite low temeperatures even in Turkey, around 15°C.

February 1. 2013

February 1. 2013

It's February now, and a few days ago we had 10 - 15 cm of snow showing up, and the temperature is now up at 0°C.

A few days with rain made the streets icy and many drivers had problems keeping their vehicle on the road.

For the next days the temperature is supposed to stay around 0°C, until it will fall again through next week.

On January 26th the sun came back to where I live, and we already feel and see the days are getting longer.

January 16. 2013

Fiksdal january 16. 2013

Today is January 16. at 11:25, and from my kitchen window I observe another cold day.  The temperature shows - 6,5°C, after weeks of low temperature.

January 1. 2013

Tomrefjorden from my kitchen window

Happy New Year to all of you!

We are in the first day of a new year, and are all excited to see what it will bring us.

It's 12:45 in the middle of the day of January 1. 2013, and outside my kitchen window it's a quiet day.  The temperature shows 4,5°C, and as you can see the fjord is calm.

The snow has almost gone with the last day's of rain, and it's a nice day for a walk.

Tomorrow is working day again, and after the Christmas holiday it's actually good to get back to normal routines.

December 23. 2012

My kitchen window view december 22

It's December 22. and another beautiful day is coming up. Outside it's minus 4,5°C, and the sun is hiding behind the mountains where we live. It should appear again by the end of January.

Christmas is here, though, and family members are about to come home for the celebration.

The last month has been cold, with almost no snow or rain, and the fjord is calm and quiet. It is a beautiful light in the morning, and this photo was taken at 08:50 in the morning.

We have started our Christmas holiday, and are not going back to work until January 2. 2013.

December 8. 2012

kitchen view december 8.

Daylight is about to come visiting again for some hours. We are in December now, it's the Saturday 8th, at 08:30 in the morning, and the temperature shows minus 7,6°C.

We have had weeks of cold weather now, up to minus 18°C just in the neighbourhood, at it seems to continue.

November 24. 2012

kitchen window view november 24.

This is my kitchen window view at 08:30 in the morning on November 24. The beginning of another beautiful day. The temperature shows 5,6°C, and the last days we have had temperatures around 8-12 °C.

I admit I like these "green winters", and really hope the snow will keep away some more weeks.

As you can see the daylight is low, and each day for the next month is getting darker and darker.

December and Christmas is just around the corner.

November 10. 2012

kitchen window view in november 2012

It's November 10th today, around 15:30 in the afternoon.

The days are getting shorter and shorter, and the Winter has already paid us a visit. The snow is gone again now, except in the mountains. The temperature today is 8°C, and it started to rain late in the afternoon.

If we're lucky the snow does not show again before close to Christmas.

October 21. 2012

october in Fiksdal

October 21., and the forest has turned yellow, and the leaves are falling off the trees.

Today is Sunday, and the temperature shows around 10°C. The snow has fallen in the top of the mountains, and we can see all the signs of a winter on it's way.

October 05. 2012

Autumn in Fiksdal

Another beautiful day in the autumn of 2012. The sun is shining, it's almost no wind, and the fjord is calm.

Today is Friday 5. October, and the temperature shows 12°C.

As you might see, the forest has started turning yellow, and during daytime, when the sun is still up, the colors are just amazing.

Let's hope for the snow to wait until Christmas before showing up.

September 20. 2012

Kitchen window view in September

Autumn has come to Fiksdal. The last weeks have been quite rainy, and strong wind combined with low temperature.

The first snow has shown on top of the higher mountains, and the temperature has been as low as 4°C.

This photo is taken on September 20., on a rather cold, but still a beautiful day.

August 3. 2012

August 3. 2012

It's nine in the evening, and a beautiful evening in Fiksdal.

In about half an hour, the Hurtigruten will be seen far out in the fjord, where it has just departed from Molde on it's way to Ålesund later this evening, and the next day, Bergen.

As you can see, the days has become shorter now, and the best part of summer, with it's bright evenings are over.

July 7. 2012

This is Fiksdal in July 2012

We are in July 2012 in Fiksdal. It is 8 o'clock in the morning, the temperature shows 12°C, and this is what I can see from my kitchen window this morning when I look to the south-east.

We have had an amazing summer so far, with temperatures close to 20°C for weeks. Some days sunny, and some days rather cloudy, but very few rainy days.

As you can see on the photo, the clouds are low today, leaving us a grey, moisty day. Quite typical weather actually for the western part of Norway. However, this summer the eastern part of the country have had much more rain than us.

June 24. 2012

June 24. in Fiksdal 2012

It's June 24. at 18:40 in the evening, and we have had two wonderful warm midsummer days. More than 20°C for two whole day's is rather special, and we all enjoyed it.

A ship from the STX shipyard in Tomrefjord is leaving, and the fjord is calm, sunny and quiet.

June 9. 2012

My kitchen window view in June 2012

Early evening on June 9. at 18:23, and the sun has given us a beautiful day.

The temperature has been close to 20°C, but the wind from the North makes it feel rather cold anyway.

Many cruise ships visiting the fjords this time of the year, and we can often see them passing by on their way to Molde, Åndalsnes or Ålesund.

In the foreground of the picture you can see some boats where young kids are having a good time.

June 1. 2012

June 1. 2012 in Fiksdal

We are at June 1. now, and the weather is a struggle between sun and rain, cold and heat.

The last weekend was warm and beautiful, giving us around 25°C, while the last days has been soooo cold. It has been snowing down in the mountains, and even parts of the lower forest are covered with snow in the mornings.

The temperature showed less than 2°C this morning, and we are all back to freezing point.

This photo is taken at 19:28 in the evening, when a beautiful rainbow showed up outside my window.

May 9. 2012

Quiet fjordview May 2012

We have just had two beautiful days, with the sun shining from a blue sky, over a landscape with snow-covered mountains, and trees that are starting to get their green color now.

This photo was taken from my kitchen window at 23:30 on May 9., the fjord was calm, and it was really a quiet and beautiful evening. For those of you that are travelling with the Hurtigruten, you were passing in the background around 2 hours before this photo was taken, on your way from Molde.

It's one week before our National Day, May 17. and this is how we want the weather to be.

May 1. 2012

May 1. view in Fiksdal

May 1. 2012. A beautiful day, after a week with with rain, snow and sun.

The temperature shows 9,8°C, so it's not warm, but this is Norwegian weather at it's best.

The trees are starting to get greene leaves, and the fields are just waiting for the sheep and lambs to come out to play. As you can see there are quite much snow in the mountains, making a perfect scenery for photographing.

April 19. 2012

The fjord  in April 2012

After spending a week in Rome, Italy, it's good to get back to this beautiful April spring in Norway.

Spent most of the day outside today, washing my cars and doing some "After-Winter" activities. As you can see, the fjord is calm, the sun is shining and the temperature shows 11,8°C. Not bad, or what?

April 6. 2012

Winter landscape in Fiksdalsstranda

We are in April now. It's April 6th, it's Easter, and it's 08:25 in the morning.

The temperature 1,8°C, it has been snowing a little every day the last week, and the spring seems far away ....

Norway has stopped for a few days now, as we have holidays more than any during Easter, starting on Thursday this week (Skjærtorsdag), Friday (Langfredag), Saturday (Påskeaften), Sunday (1.Påskedag) and Monday (2.Påskedag).In the eastern part of the country the weather has been nice, and lots of people go skiing in the mountains.

Let's have spring now! Please!

March 07. 2012

March 2012

The spring seems to be on it's way. It's March, and the photo is taken at 10:40 today.

When I left home for work this morning at 05:30 it was +8,8°C, and quite windy outside. 8,8°C?? That's normal temperature for July!

The photo is taken towards south-east, and shows the Tomrefjorden, and the STX Shipyard in the background. No snow in the lower areas, but quite much up in the mountains.

Just love this winter!

February 29. 2012

Vindow view March 2012

After 10 day's: Here is a new report from my kitchen window.

It's Wednesday, the last day of February, and it's the! The rain has been pouring down for days now, and the temperature has been far above average for what's normal.

At 06:00 this morning it was + 9,4°C, and after that it has increased to more than 10°.

And the whole of southern Norway has these temperatures. In Kristiansand it was + 14°C today, and at the airport outside town it was + 15°C yesterday.

February 15. 2012

Winter landscape February 2012

Wednesday, 15 of February. Then we're back to winter. It started snowing some hours ago, and some 4-5 cm of it has reached ground. Looks worse than it is, actually.

It's 1,4 outside, and the photo is taken this afternoon at 15:30. Been out driving my bus today, and the roads are pretty good. We're using tires with spikes, of course.

February 8. 2012

Sunny Winter Day

Wednesday, February 8. at 11:25. The sun is back after the darkest winter, and we feel the spring is on it's way.

This morning I was out early at 05:30, and the morning light was just amazing. I was at my work as a bus driver (you see the bus) so it was not possible for me to take photos. I was back home at 09:30, and then the sun had taken over for the "red morning moon".

I really hope the weather keeps up until the weekend, so that a photo to show you might be possible.

January 29. 2012

Beautiful fjord view January 2012

Sunday morning, January 29. 2012 at 09:16.

From my kitchen window I can see those beautiful colours on the sky, over a calm and quiet fjord. The temperature is 1,4 below zero, and it's just great for a walk in the woods.

Where I live, the sun has been under the horizon, hidden by mountains, since November.

It was back on January 27., and I hope to get a glimpse of it today.

January 24. 2012

Northern Lights January 2012

This photo was taken from my kitchen window on January 24. 2012 at 22:45, showing the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, over Fiksdal.

To be this far south it is rather seldom to see it this strong.

You can also see some of the "red" clouds on the sky this evening.

January 15. 2012

Kitchen Window view January 15

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