Jobs in Norway

- what you need to know

From all over the world we get questions about getting jobs in Norway.

What are the possibilities of getting a job? Who can get work in Norway? What is the salary? Do I need a visa or residence permit?

Lots of questions, and not easy for a foreigner to find the information they need. Let's try to help you.

The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme

When you work in Norway, you automatically become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme from your first day of work.

You will not become a member though, if you are working temporarily for your foreign employer in Norway.

Through this membership you are entitled a.o. to health services in Norway, and can earn pension rights according to the regulations of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

It is different rules for different persons working in Norway, depending on if they are coming from an EEA-country, which Norway share a social security agreement, or a country from

outside the EEA, that has no such social security agreement with Norway.

If you are legally living and working in Norway you are a compulsory member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme from day one.

This is not if you work for a foreign company for a limited time.Through this membership you also earn pension rights according to the regulations.To be considered as residing in Norway, you must have stayed in Norway for at least 12 months, or have moved to Norway with the intention of being here 12 months or more.

There are different regulations for persons from a EU country, than for those who are not.


Applying for jobs in Norway

When applying for jobs in Norway, you must deliver a CV.

The CV should normally contain not more than one page, and contain the most important information.

Keep it clear, clean, and be sure to state nationality and language skills.

You can include a photo, but you don’t have to. Be sure to include all your recent education and working experience.

Include the following sections in your CV:

Personal details about you

Include your full name, address, telephone numbers with international prefix, e-mail address, date of birth and civil status.


This section should list the formal qualifications you have, and if possible you can indicate a compare between this and the equivalent Norwegian degree or examination. 

To increase the possibilities of getting jobs in Norway, It is also helpful if you describe the content of your education in general. 

Working experience

This is a maybe the most important part of your CV, and must include a brief description of each job/position and for how long you had the job. 

Other qualifications

For getting jobs in Norway, your language skills may be of great interest, both spoken and written. 

Please also add your IT skills and all other relevant qualifications. 

Personal interests

Make a short description of your hobbies and interests . 

In particular, your knowledge of foreign countries should be mentioned, and if you have special interests or knowledge about Norway, then do mention it. 


If possible, it is seen as important if you name one, or preferrably two references, from the last or a previous employment. 

Give information about their names, their job titles and telephone numbers/ emailadresses. 

Make sure they have given their permission to do this, and it’s absolutely an advantage if the persons you refer to speaks English or a Scandinavian language. 

Before you start working, please visit:

First of all, you will need to know NAV which is the official site for jobs and welfare in Norway

And NAV can tell you a lot more. See the following webadresses:

Living conditions:

Selected professions:

Here you can learn about the average Norwegian wages for some professions: 

Read about Norwegian household expences: 

Read about the Norwegian climate: 


Do not forget to visit our page about Education in Norway.

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