Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise

- the most Beautiful Voyage in the World -

hurtigruten passing Hestmannen in Nordland

The Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise is also called the Hurtigruten Classic Cruise, and is known as the most beautiful voyage in the World.

It goes from the Bergen in the South, all along the western coast of Norway to the turning point Kirkenes in Finnmark, close to the Russian border.

The journey takes you to the magnificent Fjords where you can see the Waterfalls, the beautiful little islands and the pittoresqe, coastal Norwegian communities.

Places you could almost not imagine existed.

And there is more to it. This is not an ordinary cruise.It has a lot more.

The Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise takes you on a working ship, that is carrying mail, grocery and all kind of goods to and from the communities along the coast. You are getting close to the small fishing boats from the local communities, as well as the bigger harbours of the towns in the route of the ship.

This is probably the best way to experience "the real Norway".

The Hurtigruten ships are still important in ordinary people's life in the coastal communities and outposts, and as an interested passenger you can experience this fact.

This is what many tourists find most exotic about the trip:

See the real life of the coastal communities, while enjoying the luxury onboard.

If you are lucky you will see whales and eagles close to the ship, which you can study from high-standard ships with the best of comfort.

Let's start the journey:

Day 1

Bergen, Norway

The ship departs from Bergen in the evening.

If you have some free time before departure we advice you to take a walk in this beautiful, old town, established as early as 1070 by the Norwegian King Olav Kyrre.

Bergen has a population of 253.000 and is the second largest town in Norway. It is a centre for art and culture and was the birthplace of the famous composer Edvard Grieg.Maybe you would like to visit his home while you are here?

read more>>

Day 2

Ålesund, Norway

During the night, and early morning of Day 2 the ship is calling Florø, Måløy and Torvik .

Later on this first day the ship will call the ports of Ålesund (photo), Molde and Kristiansund.

In the summertime the Hurtigruten is also visiting Geiranger before arriving Molde, and by the autumn of 2013 the voyage includes Hjørundfjorden.

Day 3

In the morning of Day 3 of the Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise, the ship is calling Trondheim and Rørvik .

Trondheim is the historical Nidaros, and is also a municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county. The population is about 170.000, which makes it the third largest city in Norway.

Day 4

On the day you will experience the beautiful coast of Helgeland in Nordland County, and later in the evening the amazing Lofoten.

The Coastal Express calls at Brønnøysund - Sandnessjøen - Nesna - (passing by Indre Kvarøy ) - Ørnes - Bodø - Stamsund and Svolvær.

It's all so beautiful, and if you travel in the summer you have daylight both day and night. Dont go to sleep! You need to see this.

Day 5

Today we are in Vesterålen in Nordland, and we will see Troms County and the city of Tromsø today. We will be visiting Stokmarknes - Sortland (read about Whale Watching Cruises) - Risøyhamn - Harstad - Finnsnes - Tromsø - Skjervøy.

Day 6

We are in Finnmark county today, the northermost county in Norway. We are now as far up North as you can get on the Norwegian mainland, and will be visiting the communities of Øksfjord - Hammerfest - Havøysund - Honningsvåg - Kjøllefjord - Mehamn - Berlevåg.

The nature has changed a lot since we left Bergen, and you will see the naked environment, and there will be no trees.

Day 7

On the seventh day the ship arrives Båtsfjord - Vardø - Vadsø and finally Kirkenes.

Kirkenes is the turning point of the Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise, and for you that is taking the roundtrip, you are half way.

Many of you will be leaving the ship here, and go back to Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim by airplane, while others return to Trondheim or Bergen on the  ship.

Many tourists do the full trip, to be able to see the same places at another time of the day or night. So if you were sleeping part of the time on your northbound voyage, you can see it now instead.

The Coastal Kitchen Photo: Mari Svenningsen

The Hurtigruten Classic Coastal Cruise has launched an exciting menu called "Norway's Coastal Kitchen", which is based on local Norwegian food of highest quality.
Andreas Vestad, a well known Norwegian food expert has been engaged in developing this new concept, that includes all 11 ships in the Hurtigruten fleet.

The menus are presenting local Norwegian food that reflects the waters and areas the actual ship is sailing through, and focus on seasonal delicacies of local food.

The company has engaged small, local food suppliers along the coast to cooperate with, and passengers are presented to dishes like "Cured leg of lamb from Hellesylt" (near the Geirangerfjord),  "Baked Arctic char from Sigerfjord" near Vesterålen, served with "gulløye" potatoes from Tromsø, and roast reindeer from Finnmark.

Want to know more about the Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise? Read more on the Hurtigruten official website.

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Hurtigruten Fleet

Hurtigruten Kong Harald Photo: Geir Løvbugt

This is M/S Polarlys.

Read more about Polarlys and the other ships in the Hurtigruten fleet.

Anchor handling vessel Havila Mars

The supply vessels and anchor handling vessels on their way to or from the oil rigs in the North Sea are passing by, and you get close to the many local ferries crossing the Norwegian fjords. Whenever arriving a port, you will get a little glance of how people live here in the north.

Indre Kvaroy  Photo:

You will see places most of you could not imagine that anyone would live in, as well as places with the more urban way of living. There are almost no other way a tourist can get this close to the Norwegian way of living.