The Hurtigruten Cruises

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Hurtigruten M/S Trollfjord arriving Molde, Norway  Photo: Geir Løvbugt

The Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruise is the most known of the cruises, but there are many more.

The company even has a ship that is specially designed and build for cruises in the Arctic and the Antarctic. That's one reason why these cruises has become so popular, even if they are rather expencive.

As all Hurtigruten activity the security comes first, taken care of by experienced crew.

In the old days it was common knowledge: Even if heavy storms forces all other ships to stay in safe and sheltered harbours, the Hurtigruten keeps going. That means in the beautiful, sunny summertime, as well as through the rough winter storms.

Many poems and songs has been written about these ships, which shows the  importance and love to the ships in the Norwegian peoples minds.

So, once again: There is much more than just the Coastal Cruise.

Take a look below, and read more about amazing alternatives, and read this article about the journey.

The Greenland Cruise

hurtigruten in Greenland

Did you know that Hurtigruten also can take you to Greenland? For those seeking something special, the Greenland Adventure is an experience you will never forget.

This European outpost, has a nature and a way of living that you don't find many other places,and the cruise gives you the opportunity to get there in the most luxurios way.

Photo from Greenland ©:Gian Rico Willy / HRG Archive

The Spitsbergen Cruise

hurtigruten in Spitsbergen

The cruises to Spitsbergen, or Svalbard as most Norwegians call it, has become extremely popular.

Now you can also enjoy a totally new and exciting coastal cruise, a voyage along the entire western coast of Spitsbergen, aboard the luxurious MS Fram — from its southernmost extremes, all the way up to the near-polar 80th Parallel North.

Photo from Spitsbergen ©: Ragnar Hartvig / HRG Archive

The Antarctica Cruise

Photo from Antarctica with penguins ©: Thomas Mauch / Hurtigruten Archive

The MS Fram has special qualitys to make your trip to the Antarctica to be unique.

Safety has absolute priority, and the professional crew is your guarantie for success.

The Antarctica explorations are filled with most interesting nature- and geography-focused programs.

The expedition begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then its on to Ushuaia where your Antarctica cruise begins.

After passing through the famous Drake Passage, the ship emerge in Antarctica where the fun starts: Activities, landings and views will leave you breathless.

As a start you can go to the MS Fram blog where the Expedition leaders gives you information on the life onboard in these amazing surroundings.

The Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruise

Hurtigruten Norway

This Classic Norwegian Cruise has its own place in the heart of thousands of tourist that has experienced it.

If you want a glance of the real Norwegian Soul, you must experience this Norwegian Coastal Cruise, in order to understand the history and traditions that has shaped this country.

Your travel will take place on one of the 11 modern, quite luxurious ships along the coast between Bergen and Kirkenes.The meals on board are known as outstanding, and the cabin goes from the more simple ones to "royal" suites with balcony.

You will love the amazing panorama lounges, where you can relax in comfortable chairs, reading a book or a magazine, or watch the Norwegian coastal life outside.

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whale watching

Even from the deck of the ships, passengers has witnessed unbelievable Whale-Shows.

Many of you will observe whales during your trip, and you should also know that many of the former local whale-hunters now are making a living from arranging Whale Watching Cruises.

A whale safari takes you on a small ship out to sea, where you will be able to see, and take photographs of, big whales playing on the surface.
Some cruises even gives guaranties that you will see whales on their tours.

Photo of Killer Whales ©:Trym Ivar Bergsmo / Hurtigruten Archive

northern lights

Another exciting possibility is to see the Northen Light: Aurora Boralis . During the winter-time, north of the Arctic Circle, you might get the opportunity to see this most unforgettable sight: The Northern Light.

This small photo by © Ivan Mervillie / HRG Archive, shows you the Northern Light, seen from a passengers view.

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Hurtigruten Fleet

M/S Finnmarken Photo Geir Løvbugt

This is M/S Finnmarken.

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Hurtigruten fleet.

Useful Map

Take some time to follow the Hurtigruten route along the Norwegian coast. We believe this map will be helpful.

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The Hurtigruten History

Old ship M/S Dronning Maud

The Hurtigruten has long traditions in Norway, ever since the first ship, the S/S "Vesteraalen" left Trondheim destinated for Hammerfest in July 1893.

Main Harbours


Bergen Norway  Photo:


Ålesund Norway


Trondheim Norway




Hurtigruten in Kirkenes Photo: HRG archive