Honningsvåg -The City at North Cape

Photo of Honningsvåg by Geir Løvbugt

The city of Honningsvag, or Honningsvåg in Norwegian writing, situated at 70° 58' N, in Nordkapp municipality in Finnmark county, is claiming to be the northernmost city in Norway, and has 2500 inhabitants.

This little town has the largest cruiseharbour in Northern Norway, and is visited by by thousands of tourists every year.

The Nordkapp Coat of Arms

Nordkapp coat of arms

The Coat of Arms for Nordkapp was granted in 1973, and is a simplified left step, divided in gold and red, and symbolizes the North Cape profile.

The Community of Nordkapp, or North Cape in English, is the northermost municipality in Norway and is located close to the Barents Sea. The area is 924m.


Photo: Klaus Peter Kappest HRG Archive

The municipality of Nordkapp had 3185 inhabitants in January 2010, and the community centre Honningsvåg has 2564 of these.

The world-famous North Cape is visited by appr. 200 000 tourists every year, and Honningsvåg has the largest cruiseharbour in Northern Norway with 100 cruiseships visiting every year.

Photo: MS Midnatsol in Honningsvag HRGarchive

The municipality has four other active fishing communities:

Nordvågen (438 inhab.), Kamøyvær (140), Gjesvær (190) and Skarsvåg (140).

The North Cape Museum is the responsible museum for the Coastal culture of Finnmark county.

Honningsvåg has its own airport, and has regularly flight connections to Oslo every day. The airport was opened in 1977.


Photo: Helen Holberry HRG-archive

Honningsvåg Harbour has of course daily calls by the Hurtigruten.

The hurtigruten ships dock in the port of Honningsvåg, bringing a great and appreciated tourist activity to the city.

The Honningsvåg Church was build in 1884, and is the only remaining building when Honningsvåg, like most of the Finnmark communities, was burned down by the Germans by the end of World War II.

Fishing and tourism is the main activities in Honningsvåg. The municipality of Nordkapp has several big hotels, motels and Camping.

The photos are from the Hurtigruten Archive, and photographers are Geir Løvbugt (head picture), Helen Holberry (Hurtigruten arriving Honningsvåg), Klaus-Peter Kappest (wall-sign).We thank you for excellent photos.

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