The H marking

bestnorwegian H marking found in Kvarøy

The H marking is supposed to be from Holmen glassverk in Norway.

The marking is quite rare, and I have only seen it a couple of times.It might be Hadeland Glassverk, but it can also be Holmen glassverk. From other collectors I am told Holmen was closed down i 1840, and the glass quality and color of this float makes it look like it’s produced at a later time.

Hestviken glass factory also produced glass fishing floats, but as far as I know there is no proven markings from this factory which was started in 1849 and closed down in 1857.

Information I have received says that Hovik Glass Factory (Hovik with a slash over the letter O) started glass float production after the fire in 1870, and might have produced this marking.

Then it is the Hurdal factory. I have different information about this: Some says it was closed down in 1808, and others knows for sure that the factory produced CM floats for the Christiania Magasin. If that is right they might also have produced their own floats with an H-marking.

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