Grilled Stockfish

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Norwegian Stockfish Bachalau

Let's introduce you to an exciting and exclusive meal: Grilled stockfish. 
Stockfish is dried, unsalted fish, usually cod, and the drying is traditionally done outdoor by the sun and wind.

During the winter fisheries in Norway, the fishermen sorts out top quality fish to to hang to dry. 

This is one of the oldest methods of preserving food, and is still done today.  The finest one is coming from Lofoten, from some of the cleanest environments in the world.

This makes an excellent product, and represents a huge export from Norway every year. Earlier it was considered as a "poor mans meal", but today you get stockfish served in the finest restaurants.

Usually it is served grilled, but you can also get it cooked.

Dried fish (stockfish) is also sold as snacks in kiosks and grocery stores, vacuum packed in small plastic bags, under the Norwegian name of it: "Tørrfisk".
Very popular, quite expencive, tastes good and smells awful.

For those of you that has got access to high quality stockfish, we will give you this recipe for a tasty meal.

Reine in Lofoten, Norway recommends using stockfish from the beautiful district of Lofoten.

The fish must be totally dry, and that normally means dried for 6 months or so. Put the whole fish in fresh, cold water for 4 - 5 days. Change water every day. 

You might like to be warned about a bad smell, that will keep your neighbours away for days.

During these days, the fish changes back in shape, and will look almost like newly catched. After ready watered, make a small cut around the skin of the tail, along the back, and uneer the stomack of the fish.

Tear the skin off, remove all bones, and cut loose the fish fillets. Put the fillets in an airtight box, and put it in the fridge until use.


Lets go:

Best Norwegian Grilled Stockfish

Norwegian Grilled Stockfish

Put each fillet on a piece of aluminium foil, add salt and pepper, and wrap it in.

Warm up the grill (not too hot), and put the wrapped pieces of fish gently on to the heat.

Leave it on the grill for appr. 25 minutes. Turn them from time to time.

Boil carrots and potatoes.

Cut smoked bacon in slices, and fry in a pan.

When the grilling is done, and the potatoes are ready cooked; 

Put the fish fillets carefully on a plate, with the potatoes and carrots. Add the bacon on top, and just enjoy! 

Bestnorwegian Cooked stockfish

Boil water, add 3 – 4 tablespoons of salt per liter (remember the fish is unsalted dry), and then turn down the heat just to stop the boiling.

Put the fish fillets gently into the water, and keep them in the hot (but not boiling) water for about 25 minutes.

Serve with potatoes, carrots and bacon.

You can use a sauce to this, at your own recipe. 

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