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From time to time we visit eBay to see if there are interesting items for sale, and here you can view what we found.

We strongly advice any glass float collector to go to visit eBay auctions yourself.

Here is the spot to tell others about your ebay auction.

Please let me know about what floats you are selling.

Any collector of Glass Floats are most welcome to present their Treasures from the Sea on this site.

Glass Float Collector Todd Marvik has sent me some amazing photos of Glass Fishing Floats in his possession.

In my opinion the Brown Societa Art Vetraria is the no#1, but take a look at the others too: The first two floats was purchased from sellers in France, and the SAPRI from a US collector.

An Invitation for You!

The Lanciotto

The LANCIOTTO marked float is Brown, and has the name marked on the middle of the float.

Also there is a star marking onthe sealing button, as well as an anchor marking on the bottom of the float. The float measures a full 5 inches tall and isa very heavy thing and seamed. This float has seen much action from use.

The Montelupo

The Vetreria VAS Montelupo F marked float is emerald green, and marked in a circle at the bottom of the float.

This float has very crisp markings and shows little or no signs of use.


The S.A.P.R.I.- marked clear float. This one has a slightly yellowish metallic sheen formed on the inside of the float whenit was made.

It's 4 and a half inches tall and seamed. This float has some scars from use.

The Brown Societa Art Vetraria ALTARE

From my friend and Glass Float Collector Todd I have received this photo of an amazing Glass Float.

We all know the colorless and beautiful Societa Art Vetraria, Altare, but Todd has now sent me this photo that really astonished me.

For the first time I now have seen the Societa float in brown, and have to admit I believed they were only produced as colorless.

We always learn something new, don't we?

If YOU have any special glass float that you want others to see, we invite you to send me a close-up photo, some words about it, AND permission for me to use it on my site.

One of my absolute favorites

Finally. I bring you the photo of the Societa Art. Vetraria ALTARE in colorless, mint condition. A real beauty, and also hard to find.

I will bring you more markings, so keep visiting for more news.

If you find interesting items on eBay or other auctions, and want to share it with others, then let me know and I just might put up a link to it.


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