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The Floats are presented with pictures, markings guide and some of them with prices.

In the right column you see photos of several beautiful floats with markings. Please click on any image to get to the infoside for that particular float marking.

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Many of you collectors contribute to make this page interesting, and I hope all visitors will find something new quite often.

But first:

A small introduction to Glass Fishing Floats

You are now about to read an attempt from me to put together some of the information about Norwegian glass float markings, which I have learned over years.

From old fishermen, from books and readings, from own collecting activities, and from a lot of useful information which my collecting friends and visitors has sent me.

So how about an ebook about glass floats?

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A downloadable ebook, 35 pages packed with useful information about Glass Fishing Float Markings.

Part 1 of the book has lots of info about Norwegian Float Markings and about the factorys that produced them.

In Part 2 we have included your personal work-book for making notes. Here you have lots of excellent close-up photos of different Glass Fishing Float markings from European Glass Producers.

You will find much of the information on the homepage, but here you get a practical "hold-in-your-hand" version if you print it out after downloading.

I assure you; It has taken a lot of time, a lot of searching and a lot of patience to make this document.

Though any effort has been made, I make no guaranties that the information is accurate, and I apologize if there should be any mistakes, wrong conclusions and even incorrect information. But I feel it’s time to put something in writing so we can all read it, start a discussion and exchange information and knowledge to the benefit of all collectors.

So please inform me of anything that might be changed, corrected or added. If you do have photos of other markings, thats great. Let’s see what we can obtain in the time to come.

In fact, I believe this is the only way we can wind up some more information on this subject…

Glass Fishing Floats Producers

Norwegian Glass Factories

map over float producers in Norway

This old map shows where the different, early Norwegian producers of glass floats were located. It's actually a very interesting and informative map, and as you see there were two producers in the Bergen area (western part of Norway), 6 in the Trøndelag region (middle Norway) and a lot of glass factorys in the eastern part of Norway.

It is not easy to find any information about the production and use of the old glass floats.

What I have here is mostly found on the internet, in local books about the fishing in the old day, information from other collectors, both in Norway and worldwide.

As you know there are huge number of markings when it comes to glass fishing floats, and it is often difficult to know who produced them and what glass factorys that actually used the different markings.

From time to time I get information and pictures of glass fishing floats, and again and again I see that there are new facts coming up.

special anchor marking

From collectors all over Norway (and other countrys) I am getting letters and notes about the float markings and what factories that produced them.

One thing we do know:

The inventor of what we know as the real, glass fishing float, is the Norwegian merchant Christopher Faye from Bergen, Norway.This was around 1840/1841, and the glass float was developed through cooperation with one of the owners of Hadeland Glassverk, Chr. Berg.

The first time these ”modern”glass fishing floats are mentioned, is in the production registry for Hadelands Glassverk in 1841. The registry clearly shows that this is a new type of production.

But: It seems like there was some kind of production of Glass Fishing Floats even before that time.

In the beginning of the 1800’s, the Schimmelmanns Glassverk (1779 – 1832) produced some sort of glass floats, and after what we know these were dark brown, and very thick bottles glass. Floats from this production is found in the ground where this factory was located, but are unmarked.

Can it be that there has been attempts from other factorys to produce something for the industry from the basis of the bottle production?

Can use of bottles as fishing floats been the start of this industry?

How the netting is made

photo showing knitting

As you all know, the old glass floats had to have a net around them, and in fact, many of them is made like a piece of art.

Beautiful hancrafted, made by the fishermen or their wife and children during the long evenings of winter.

Many are wondering how they did it, and thats what we want to show you on this page.

It's hard to explain in words, but by showing you some photos we hope you can see how it's done.

Glass Float net knitting
How to make the netting

The knitting start just below the middle of the float, working against the top. Then turning the float upside down, and finishing the work on the "bottom side".

It looks quite easy, but we assure you it is not. You need a lot of practising.

fishing net hanging

We hope you did take the time to visit some of these beautiful old, glass float markings, as the old pieces of art they really are. We will add more value to it as more information become available. The old Norwegian glassfactories are mostly well known, but their glass fishing float production and markings are unknown to most people.

There are long traditions for the fishermen along the coast and fjords of Norway to use the old, real glass floats when fishing with nets, and even today they are quite common to be found in the old boathouses.

From time to time I go to these fishermen to buy old floats, and it's always exiting to come home with my catch, to see what's in the bags and boxes. Most floats are common, and many are without any markings. But, and thats the fun, I find amazing and rare glass fishing floats that I have not even heard about before.

Time to see some beautiful, old Float Markings?

Just click the images in the Right Column, to see the markings, and to read more about them.

As you now might have seen, there are still many loose ends when we talk about the early production of fishing floats.

There are many different markings around, and many of these are unknown from registry, and therefore you will find many interesting theories about these markings.

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