Norwegian Girl's Names Statistics

1880 - 2000

We have taken a look at the Norwegian Names statistics for girls in the years 1880 to 2010 (source: Statistisk Sentralbyrå), and have found some interesting facts.

Did you know that from 1880 to 1916, Anna was the Number 1 name? Every year!

Or that the number 2 name for the periode of 1880 to 1900 was Marie?

From 1917 and for some years, the names Solveig, Ruth and Bjørg was competing and had some years each, until 1940, when the number ONE was Anne.

From that year, and all up to 1971, Anne kept it’s popularity as no. 1.

In 1987, Anne was no. 10, and since then it has been out of the Top 10 list.

Let’s take a look at the others:


Anna, Marie, Karen, Ingeborg, Inga, Anne, Marta, Karoline, Kristine, Johanne.


Anna, Marie, Astrid, Margit, Ingeborg, Borghild, Olga, Marta, Jenny, Gudrun


Anna, Gudrun, Astrid, Borghild, Solveig, Ingrid, Margit, Ingeborg, Marie, Ruth


Solveig, Ruth, Anna, Gerd, Ingrid, Astrid, Else, Inger, Aslaug, Gudrun


Bjørg, Inger, Solveig, Gerd, Ragnhild, Astrid, Ingrid, Ruth, Else, Anne


Anne, Bjørg, Inger, Kari, Liv, Gerd, Berit, Marit, Astrid, Turid


Anne, Inger, Marit, Torill, Liv, Kari, Berit, Grethe, Bjørg, Randi


Anne, Bente, Inger, Marit, Kari, Hilde, Tove, Grethe, Nina, Liv


Anne, Hege, Hilde, Monica, Anita, Nina, Heidi, Marianne, Tone, Kristin


Anne, Camilla, Katrine, Marianne, Linda, Elisabeth, Lene, Kristin, Monica, Silje


Ida, Karoline, Marte, Silje, Camilla, Kristine, Stine, Katrine, Maria, Christina


Ida, Emilie, Julie, Thea, Sara, Ingrid, Malin, Maria, Marte, Nora

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