- The Fjord of the fjords

Geiranger Norway in July 2014

Be excited! Here I will tell you about Geiranger, Norway. One of the most beautiful places in the world, and a harbour that really takes you close to the scenic landscape of this World Heritage Fjord.

Get off the ship and explore this pearl. Take a busride the short distance to the Eagle Road, or the the spectacular viewpoint at Flydalsjuvet or Dalsnibba. To Mount Dalsnibba there is a 2 hour sightseeing tour with a fantastic view from 1500 meters above sealevel.

Saling the Geirangerfjorden you can see the scenic, abandoned farms high up in the mountains, and together with the waterfalls it's just breathtaking.

I like to walk the small streets in the village. Visit one of the many small restaurants, og maybe the chocolate factory to the right in the street on this photo. It's very popular and the chocolate is excellent.

During the summer months, and especially on days with visiting cruiseships, there might be quite crowdy here. Have a stop in a street cafe, have a coffee or a glass of wine and relax. Watch the waterfalls and the mountains, and see the small ferry come and go to Hellesylt, another small village in the Storfjorden.

2017 will probably be the best season ever, with cruiseships visiting almost every day from May to September.

On the best days it will be up to 7 ships at the same time, and more than 350.000 passengers on more than 200 cruiseships will be visiting this small community during summer 2017.

Around 60% of all passengers are leaving the ships for some hours to get a closer look at the place. It's possible to have guided tours on foot, or guided tours by buses.

Cruise ships in Geiranger - photo Tor Arne Grande

Imagine yourself beeing on one of these cruiseships or to arrive here on the Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruise. (Photo: Tor Arne Grande / Fossen Camping)

In 2015 there was 315.000 cruiseship passengers visiting. In addition to the daily calls from the Hurtigruten, all the "Queens" of cruiseships: Queen Elisabeth, Queen Mary and Queen Victoria were visiting this "Fjord of the Fjords".

Geiranger Fjord and Waterfalls

The Waterfall Seven Sisters in Geiranger Norway

On a sunny summer day it is easy to convince people that this is the most beautiful fjord in the world.

The breathtaking scenery is unique, with it’s wild waterfalls and steep mountains into the calm fjord.

Close to the centre of the village you can see the "Seven Sisters" waterfall, and you will be passing close to it both if you arrive on a cruiseship, the Hurtigruten or on the local ferrys from Hellesylt. The ferry trip to Hellesylt lasts for about 65 minutes.

bestnorwegian badge of approval

Geiranger today is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway, and since 2005 the Geirangerfjord has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Several kings, queens and emperors has visited, and in our modern time impressing 600 000 people are visiting this tiny little community every year.


Flydalsjuvet Photo: Per Eide - Sunnmore and Alesund photobank

Try the spectacular attraction in a bus-tour to the Nibbevegen (opened in 1939) and Dalsnibba.

Look for the bus marked "2 hour Tour Mountain Highlight Dalsnibba" and you will get some unforgettable 2 hours. Buy your tickets in the Tourist Information in the centre of the village.

On your way to Dalsnibba you will pass the Flydalsjuvet, which gives you the most amazing overview. At the lake by the Djupvasshytta you will leave the main road, and go the even more narrow and steep road up in the mountain to the viewpoint Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sealevel.

A breathtaking view is expecting you: A view over the Geirangerfjord and the many mountains surrounding it. An advice is to look up to Mount Dalsnibba before you buy your tickets, because if there is heavy fog up there you just will not see much.

On a sunny afternoon when the, fjord is laying calm, maybe a cruiseship or two has anchored, you see the amazing Seven Sisters waterfalls, the old abandoned farms high up in the mountain......

It is a magic moment, and you should all experience it.

The Eagles Bend in Geiranger Norway

Another spectacular attraction is the Eagle's Road, Ørnevegen. In the wintertime the village is only accessed from west, by this steep road which was opened in 1954. This photo is taken as the bus to Ålesund is having a photostop at the viewpoint in Eagles Bend, which gives you the best view over the village and the fjord.

In the summer there are two roads leading you here. From east you arrive on the Geirangervegen and from west you arrive on the amazing Ørnevegen.

From the highest point of the road and down to the fjord you are passing 11 hairpin curves that can be quite scary for many visitors.

During the short summer months about 600 000 tourists are visiting. Would you believe it when we tell you that Geiranger has 240 inhabitants?  It is true!

Geiranger village by the sea

You might also want to take a walk in the village, as it is close to the harbour. The  village has art galleries, small cafeterias and souvenir shops, and a small church.

A walk up the narrow street to the Union Hotel gives you a panorama view over the fjord, while having a cup of coffe, a beer or a drink in the restaurant.

Close to the Union Hotel you will find interest in exploring the Norwegian Fjord Centre which is an information centre providing information about the Geirangerfjorden World Heritage Site.

Take a look at this Map over Geirangerfjorden

Bus in Trollstigen - Trolls Path

By car there is a short distance to Eidsdal, where you cross the fjord on a small ferry to Linge.

From here you can reach the breathtaking Trollstigen within an hour. There will also be ferries connecting Geiranger to Hellesylt and Valldal.

From Trollstigen you can go to Åndalsnes (the nearest trainstation), Molde or Ålesund. There is daily several buses scheduled for the route Åndalsnes to Geiranger.

And then of course:
The Hurtigruten


From May to September the Hurtigruten is visiting every day, and the tourists really love it.

The first month or so after starting it's the fjord cruise season the passengers can leave the ship and go on seightseeing buses back to Ålesund.  When the Trollstigen opens in June, the sightseeing tours are going via Valldal over Trollstigen, to Åndalsnes and the to Molde, where the passengers again are entering their ship.

The photo is taken by Andreas Mihatsek/HRG archive, and you can see the Hurtigruten on it's way just passing the waterfalls The Seven Sisters.

We strongly recommend a visit, and if possible you should experience the amazing bus tour over Trollstigen to Molde.

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Coat of Arms

Stranda Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for Stranda Municipality symbolizes the many fjords and mountains in this region which attract tourists to Geiranger and the surrounding communities.

cruise ships in Norwegian fjord - photo
Geiranger - Photo: Ernst Inge Rogne
Geiranger harbour area

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