Floro / Florø

- founded on the Silver of the Seas

On your journey with the Hurtigruten you will visit Floro in the Flora municipality. In this municipality you will arrive with the Hurtigruten in Florø, the westernmost town in Norway.

The small town was founded as early as in 1860, as a center for the expanding herring industry at that time.

This beautiful photo showing the Hurtigruten arriving Florø Harbour is taken by Jeltje Jongstra and provided by the Hurtigruten Archive.

Coat of Arms

Flora municipality  Coat of Arms

In Norway there is an expression about the herring that names it ”the silver of the ocean”, and the herrings makes the symbol on the Coat of arms in Florø.

At its 100 Years Anniversary in 1960, Florø got its Royal approvement to the Coat of Arms, showing 3 silver herrings on red bottom.

The artist was the well known Norwegian heraldist Hallvard Trætteberg.

A Typical Coastal Community

Flora is as you will understand a coastal community of 693 m3, situated in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. About 70% of the population of 11.500 are living in the town Florø.

According to the homepage of Florø you will find a variety of culture activitys in Florø, and the historical play of Kinnaspelet takes place in June every year, in a place situated a 30 minutes boat ride from Florø.

The historical rock carvings in Ausevik and the Coastal Museum are also interesting for many tourists visiting the municipality.

Gerda Hoclas /HR Arcive.

Trade and industry in Flora is mainly fishing industry, shipyard, and supply for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea.

The inhabitants of the municipality create values, which are several times higher than what is average for the country.

Flora offers a well-developed infrastructure. Communications by boat and bus internally in the municipality, and by bus, boat or plane to get further on.

Several departures daily by plane to Oslo and by express boat or plane to Bergen make communication and trading easier.

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