Flam / Flåm

Flam Norway. Photo: Morten Rakke  VisitNorway

At the inner end of the beautiful Aurlandsfjorden is Flam, or Flåm in Norwegian, the little village that attracts tourist from all over the world, and has become one of the most popular attractions in Norway.

For decades, cruise ships has visited Flåm and the Sognefjorden, the longest and deepest fjord i the world, and thousands and thousands of cruise passengers have enjoyed the amazing power of natures own art.

Today Flåm is the 5.th largest cruiseharbour in Norway.

Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway - maybe one of the most beautiful journeys in the world.

  • National Geographic Traveler Magazine has ranked the Flåm Railway as one of the top 10 trainjourneys in the world.
  • Lonely Planet called it the most beautiful train journey in the world.

For more than 60 years, the Flåm Railway has been transporting people from Aurland to Myrdal station on the Bergensbanen, up to 867 meters above sealevel.

The amazing railroad is one of the most described journeys in the tourist world, and when you see it you will understand.The trip takes 2 hours, and is just breathtaking.

The photo is presented by Visit Flåm and photographer Morten Rakke.

Photo: Morten Rakke / Flåm Utvikling

From the railway station in Myrdal on the Bergensbanen (between Oslo and Bergen), it is an incredible train ride to the Aurlandsfjorden, 20 kilometres further down.

An attraction of the World, and highly valued by thousands of tourists every year.

Waterfall in Flåm  Photo: Flam Utvikling Morten Rakke

You are passing scenic mountain farms, great and impressive waterfalls, rivers, mountain lakes and other breathtaking views.

The photo to the left is presented by Visit Flåm and photographer Morten Rakke. Spectacular. That's what it is.

The Flam valley itself is worth a visit, and so is the Aurland fjord, which is part of the Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in the world, 204 km long and more than 1300 meters deep at the most.

Cruises to Flam

Photo: Flam Utvikling R. M. Sørensen

The Aurland Harbour District has four harbours: Flåm, Gudvangen, Undredal and Aurland.

The capacity in Flåm Port is about to be congested, and many cruiseships has been denied visiting. 165,000 cruise passengers visited Aurland and Flåm last year, and the number is rapidly increasing.

More than 100 cruise ships visited the little village this summer (2015), bringing thousands of passengers to a life-time memory.

Daily visits by huge cruiseships has become a common sight for the locals, and a whole lot of them have made tourism to be their profession.

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Fretheim Hotel

Fretheim Hotel in Flam  Photo: R. M. Sørensen / VisitFlåm

Old, distinguished Fretheim Hotel is a beautiful hotel, always friendly to it's guest, as has been since the 1870's.

Known for it's excellent food, made in traditional, Norwegian way, of course, and much of it comes from local productions.

There are packages available combining a stay in Fretheim Hotel including dinner, breakfast, and a Flåm Railway return trip Flåm-Myrdal.

Read more about packages available in Visit Flåm website.

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