Fiksdal Church

The church in Fiksdal in Norway

Fiksdal Church was build of lumber as a basilica, and is in Gothic style. It was raised in 1866, by Gjert Jacobsen Lien from Nordfjord. He brought some workers with him, but also local workers was involved in the building work.The drawings were made by the architect Jacob Wilhelm Jordan.

It had originaly 240 seats, which modern standards has reduced to 200 seats. The Church Organ is from 1960. The Church Bell has the inscription: "The fabric by Nidelven 1866". It has the weight of 119 kg.

The Altarpiece

The altarpiece in the church, Norway

The consecration of the church was on Wednesday 28. November 1866.

This is the Altarpiece in the church today. It comes from the old Chapel in Reknes Hospital in Molde, made in 1716.

The painting itself is supposed to be painted in 1711 by the Swedish Peter Lilje.

Painting in the church

This old Altarpiece, called "Jesus in Getsemane", was in use from 1907 to 1966, and is now hanging on the side wall in the church.

It was painted in 1906 by Maren Sverdrup after copy of the original painting by Hoffman.

The Pulpit

The pulpit in the Church in Norway

The beautiful Pulpit is also from the Reknes Hospital in Molde and was made in 1718.

The Baptismal Font

Baptismal font in Norwegian church

This is the old, baptismal font in the church in Fiksdal that is still in use. The first baptism in Fiksdal Parish was on December 5. 1866, and 5 children were baptised that day.

The first Confirmation ceremony was in the autumn of 1867. The first wedding ceremony was on June 15. 1867, and the first funeral was on December 5. 1866

The Ship in the Church


The sail ship hanging in Fiksdal church is a gift from a local family to the Church, and is from later years.

This is a traditional item in many Norwegian churches in the coastal parts of Norway.

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