The F marking, including the FG marking

the FG marking

These two markings, the F marking and the FG marking, are both supposed to be Flesland Glassverk in Norway.

the F6 marking

It started as Bergen Glasværk in 1875 at Flesland near Bergen. In 1927 Bergen Glassverk was closed down, and in 1937 the company was reestablished as Flesland Nye Glassverk.

Later it changed it's name to AS Flesland Glassverk.

the dotted F marking from Flesland It has different markings, as dotted F, FG with MADE IN NORWAY in circular text around, and then the F-series of F1 throughout F8.

I do not know what came first and last, and the F1-F8 markings is independent of size and color.

The most common Flesland glass fishing float has a beautiful aquamarine color.

After a huge fire in 1956 the factory was permanently closed.

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