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What's typical about a city of Norway? Let's take a look at some Norwegian cities and see what they're like.

First of all: Norwegian towns and cities are small both by European and International measure.  I think that's a fact. 

A typical Norwegian city is small, has less than 100.000 inhabitants, a lot of small industries, an active population within sports and music, and people seems to value the modern life of a wealthy nation.

On this website we split the list, so we are presenting what we call towns, villages and the smaller communities in another page.

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city of Oslo Norway


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Svolvær town in Norway


Oslo, is the the capital city of Norway and has 600.000 inhabitants, while the second largest, Bergen, has a population of about 225.000, and Trondheim has about the same.

Most Norwegian cities are coastal, meaning they are located at the coast. In the old days, the sea and fjords were the most important way to transport people and goods, and that's the reason.

These here are what we can call a typical city of Norway:

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Brønnøysund Photo Rune Askeland Hurtigruten


Molde Norway

The turning point of the Classic Norwegian Cruises with the Hurtigruten is the small town Kirkenes.

You will also meet most of these towns in our Hurtigruten pages. Read more

The inland cities are not many, but Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Hamar, situated at the shores of Lake Mjøsa is probably the most important ones.
All 3 towns was parts of arranging the Olympic Winter Games in 1994, and the arenas from 1994 still has great value for these towns when it comes to attract tourists.


Røros Norway photo

Another amazing and very special town is Røros in Sør-Trøndelag county, a mining town with traditions way back in Norwegian history.

A history of 333 years of mining activities is now over, but the history has created a unique little town on the mountain sloopes.

In 1980, the city centre of Røros was included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, as a living history, with lots of old, beautiful wooden buildings.

This is the official reason for the inclusion:

"Røros is a unique mining town built exclusively of wood.

The town has for 333 years been a melting pot of cultures and influences from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Trondheim and the surrounding district.
This has resulted in a wooden house environment, which represents much of Norway's finest traditions, and is unique in our country's industrial, social, cultural and architectural areas.
The mining town of Røros and its surroundings is a characteristic example of a special traditional style of wood architecture creating a unique town 600 metres above sea level".

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