The B.V marking

the BV float with netting

When first saw the B.V marking I did believe it was Bergen glassverk. Then someone told me it was Biri Verk, also in Norway. The picture I have received from Inger Marie Hanssen, and she is not sure what this marking can be, but it's now confirmed that Biri Verk really produced glass fishing floats.

So, what have we got here? Biri?

At the Bjørum factory the glass-blowers marked their floats with their own markings or initials, which can explain some of the many special markings with few floats. One float is marked FE, which is believed to be the marking of F. Erich who was a glass producer /glassblower who came to the Bjørum factory from the closed down Biri.

Bjørum had a quite large production of glass fishing floats.

Biri had a huge production, and according to a registry in 1875 they at that time had stored 175 000 glass floats.

It is believed that Biri only used B.V as marking on their glass fishing floats .The Berger factory I know little about, but I take it in as a possibility because of the B.

Please inform me if you have additional information.The B.V marking is old fashioned, and therefore I assume it is from the early days of Norwegian glass float production. I believe it is Biri glass factory, but as earlier said it can also be Bergen or Bjørum.

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