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The village Bud

Bud is an old, beautiful fishing community in a short distance from Molde and the Atlantic Road.  The Hurtigruten as well as many cruise ships are passing just outside, and when passing you have got the main land on one side, and an eternity of Ocean on the other.

If you have a spare day to use, we advice you to use it on a short trip to Bud. On a sunny summer day you will have an experience of a lifetime.

It's just beautiful here, and you are very close to a Norwegian main attraction: The Atlantic Road, or "Atlanterhavsvegen" in Norwegian language.

About the community

The harbour of Bud in Romsdal, Norway

For hundreds of years, fishing and fish industry has been a major income for the people here.

The sheltered harbour was important for the small fishing boats used in the old days, while it today is a shelter for small boats.

The village still has fishermen, but the majority of the population has other occupations, and beeing close to Molde means that many people are going to town for work.

The municipality also has production of the famous cheese "Jarlsberg", and agriculture is strong in Fræna.

Coastal environment
Old coastal houses

Beautiful old coastal houses surrounding the harbour, and for the nostalgic visitor there are many interesting houses in the village.

This is a typical, traditional building from maybe 100 years ago, and looks like it used to be some kind of a grocery.

Bud Church in Fræna, Norway

The old, wooden church has a story to tell about centuries of tough life, about the many fishermen that never came back from the stormy ocean, and about the coastal way of living in the old days.

The church was build in 1717, and is worth a visit. Because of the war activities the tower was a problem for the German cannons at the coastal fortress, and had to be removed during the war. In 1947 the church got it's tower back. The beautiful old church has 250 seats, and is worth a visit.

The Coastal Fortress in Bud, Romsdal, Norway

During WW2, this was an important point for the German forces, and from the highest point in the village the soldiers could keep an eye on all the ships passing.

Today this is made to a museum, and you can go here to visit and see the remains from the war activity.

If you want to read about other places nearby, take a look at Molde and Kristiansund, as well as the Atlantic Road of course.

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Coat of Arms

the coat of arms for Fræna, Norway

The Coat of arms is quite modern, and was granted in 1995. The arms show three blue waves on a gold background.

Bud was a municipality until January 1964, when it was merged into the municipality of Fræna.

The municipality name "Fræna" is named after the local fjord "Frænfjorden".

The meaning of the name Fræna is not known, but can be derived from Norse frænn which means "bright" or "shiny".

Streetview from Bud
Coastal environment Bud
Old, coastal building
Waterfront in Bud