Bronnoysund, or Brønnøysund in Norwegian spelling, is an idyllic little town in Brønnøy municipality in Nordland. The municipality is 1039 km2, and by July 2009 it was 7595 inhabitants in Brønnøy.

Just outside the town you find a cluster of small and big islands.

The archipelago is quite unique with it's thousands of islands, islets and reefs, and is ideal for most experiences related to the ocean.

- The Midpoint of Norway

Rune Askeland photo

As indicated in the headline, Brønnøysund is actually the geographic midpoint of the country.

It is confirmed by the Norway Geographic Surveying that Bronnoysund is 840 kilometers north of Lindesnes, and 840 kilometers south of North Cape.

Employment in Brønnøysund

"Brønnøysundregistrene" is the number one cornerstone company in Bronnoysund, and has more than 400 employees.

Agriculture is very important to this region, and also about a hundred people are working in the fishing industry.

The fishfarming activities are growing, and the local company Fjord Seafood represents 10% of world production of Atlantic salmon.

The Airport

Bronnoysund Airport Photo: Avinor

In spite of beeing such a small town, Brønnøysund has it's own airport, located 2 km from the center of the town center. Most foreign tourists maybe don't expect to find an airport in such a small place, but here it is.

Brønnøysund Airport has 22 daily flights, and the flight time is scheduled to 35 minutes to Trondheim and 45 minutes to Bodø.

Brønnøysund and The Hurtigruten

Photo: Rune Askeland - Hurtigruten archives

Brønnøysund today is a quite modern town, with daily port calls by the Hurtigruten.

In many ways the Hurtigruten has been essential for the development of the town and this region, and many people believe that the big change for Brønnøysund came with the Hurtigruten.

The Church

Bronnoysund Church - Photo:Even Thorbergsen

The Brønnøy Church of today was built in 1870. The first church was build on the island Brønnøya by the late 1100's.

The ships sailing along the coast in the old days valued the importance of fresh water, and from the well of Brønnøy they found it."Brønn" comes from the old Norse word for "well" and "øy" means "island".


Torghatten - Rune Askeland photo

The Torghatten Mountain is a remarkable one. It is an island, actually, and the special about it is that it has a hole straight through it. A big hole, or a nautural tunnel, if you like. The tunnel has a length of 160 m, it is 35 m wide and has a height of 20 m.

It is believed that the tunnel was formed during the Scandinavian ice age, when ice and water eroded the mountain. There is a well prepared path up to the hole, as well as the natural path straight through the hole.  The view is just amazing, as shown on this photo.

On the 6. May 1988, a passenger aircraft, Flight 710 from Namsos to Brønnøysund crashed into the side of the mountain, and all the 36 passengers and crew died.

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Coat of Arms

coat of arms for Brønnøy

The Coat of Arms for Brønnøy municipality is from 1988, and symbolizes a old direction sign to guide the ships along the coast.

The colour is a black sign on gold. The artist is Rolf Tidemann, Brønnøysund.