Bodo / Bodø

- The Nordland County Capital

Bodø Ernst Furuhatt/Nordland Fotobank

Bodo is the regional capital of Nordland County, and has a population of 46000. This makes it the second largest town in Northern Norway, after Tromsø, and a modern and important centre for the region.

Bodø is easy reachable both with airplane, train and by ships.

The Hurtigruten calls at Bodø Harbour every day, and smaller and bigger coastal towns and places in the region are well connected to the town by ferrys and boats.

One of them is the ferry to Lofoten.

Hotels and accomodation
in Bodo

hotel in Bodø

Bodø has many excellent hotels, like SAS Radisson Blu Hotel, the Rica Bodø or Thon Hotel Nordlys.

If you prefer a more simple way of accomodation, why not try Bodø Hostel who is offering  budget accomodation in quite modern rooms. The hostel is  located close to the train station, and only 200 meters from the city centre.


With a goal on developing new commercial activities in the northern region, the Bodø University College makes an important and interesting part, together with the Center for Business in the High North.

The University College has more than 5,000 students, and is a significant institution for education and research in the North.


This is Bodø Lufthavn. A modern Norwegian airport only 5 minutes by car from the city centre, and you can also easily walk the distance if you don't have too much to carry. The new main building was finished in 1990.

By decision of the Norwegian parliament both Norwegian Civil Aviation and Military Aviation History are presented in what is now The Norwegian Aviation Museum.

Many would call this town the aviation center of Norway, both on background of the mentioned museum, and the fact that Bodo has a modern airport, one of the main Air-Force stations in Norway, and the fact that you will find an active aviation sport community here.

The Cultural Life

Bodø Keiservarden Photo: Sverre Magnus Bjørset/Nordland Fotobank

One of the most recent established events is the Parkenfestivalen music festival attracting more than 10,000 participants.

The Nordland Music Festival takes place in the late summer of every, as open-air concerts on the Keiservarden mountain peak (photo).

The Number One cultural meeting place is the Bodø Cultural Hall, which has about 45,000 visitors every year.

The town has an active and interesting cultural activity, with major music festivals, art exhibitions as well as intimate club concerts.

Bodo Church  Photo: Ernst Furuhatt /Nordland Fotobank

Other major cultural locations include Bodo Cathedral (photo), Bodin Church, Salten Museum and the Nordland Heritage Centre, all presenting high quality events.

Situated by the yacht marina, a new cultural quarter is planned completed in 2012, housing concert auditoria, art galleries and a new main library.

In Bodø we also can find one of Scandinavia's largest indoor activity centres, the Bodø Spektrum which is consisting of an area of 25,000 square metres, including a water sports centre with its own fitness department, a conference hall and football arenas.

Kjerringøy and Bodø surroundings

Kjerringøy Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordland Fotobank
Bodo in storm -

A short distance north of Bodo is the well-preserved historical landscape of Kjerringøy.

This is where one of the most famous Norwegian author, Knut Hamsun, got the inspiration to several of his famous novels.

The city offers a wide range of spectacular natural experiences, such as Scuba-diving in the absolute amazing maelstrom Saltstraumen.

Saltstraumen is the Worlds strongest tidal current, where 400 mill. m3 of water passes through every 6 hours.

The nature can from time to time be quite overwhelming, and on a stormy day you will get an experience that tells you about the power of nature.

About 2 1/2 hours drive south of Bodø is another important landmark, the Svartisen Glacier. Svartisen is the largest glacier in the whole of Scandinavia.

One of the nine National parks of Norway, the Saltfjellet, is also in the neighbourhood of Bodo.

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Bodø Coat of Arms

The Bodø Coat of Arms is a yellow sun on a red bottom, symbolizing the Midnight Sun and the fact that this is the first town north of the Arctic Circle.

The Coat of Arms was approved by the Norwegian government in 1959 and is made by Hallvard Trætteberg.