Bergen Norway

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Bergen, Norway Photo: Marius Fiksdal

Welcome to Bergen Norway, and to one of the oldest and most charming towns in Norway. It is also the most important cruise harbour in the country. Bergen is the starting point of the Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruise, and is easy accesible by airplane as well as by train.

- got a few hours to spend in Bergen?

We have a few suggestions, but of course it all depends on how much time you have, and what is your interests.

  • Museums
  • City Sightseeing
  • Hire a car
  • The Fish Market
  • Fjord cruises
  • The Bergen Aquarium

The Maritime Museum, Bergenhus Fortress Museum, Bergen City Museum and many more are located in the centre of the town. Read more ....

The Art Museums of Bergen has beautiful collections of art and design. Here you can admire the masterpieces of artists like Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, J. C. Dahl and more.

The Fish Market is an old "institution" in Bergen, and has existed for hundreds of years. This is probably the most visited outdoor market in Norway, and sells fruit and vegetables in addition the all the fresh fish.

A city sightseeing is possible in many ways. The Hop on/hop off buses are very popular, and many just hire a car to go see the best of Bergen. A must is the Ulriken and the mountain viewpoint.

Bryggen in Bergen and the Fishmarket

Bryggen area  Photo Marius Fiksdal

We really recommend to take your time to see the old Bryggen (Norwegian expression for The Wharf). These are the remains of a lot of commercial buildings from the Hanseatic periode, and are, as mentioned before, on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage. Bryggen today houses mostly souvenir- and gift shops, as well as some restaurants, pubs and a museum. 

In the Bryggen area you can find several recommendable hotels, which really place you in the city centre during your stay.  Bergen is a beautiful town, with several historical buildings, not to mention this famous Fish Market. The Fish Market is one of the most visited tourist attractions.

The fishmarket in Bergen. Photo: Marius Fiksdal

Another must when visiting is «Torget». Torget means "the market", and here you will also find a friendly and busy market offering fruit, vegetables, flowers, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

It is nice to walk around in the city centre, to watch the beauty of the houses and the harbour, and to find a charming, harbour restaurant, to enjoy a beer or a cup of coffee, and just watch the people passing by.

How to get here

Bergen Airport Flesland is situated about 20 kilometres south-west of the city centre, and is served by airport buses, scheduled buses, boat and taxi. This is one of the main international airport in Norway.
From Flesland you can fly to 19 domestic and 38 international destinations.

You can also travel by railway, the Bergensbanen, connecting the city to Oslo and from there to the rest of continental Europe.

Express buses can take you to Ålesund and Trondheim, or to Kristiansand and Oslo.

In Norway, we know Bergen most of all for the rain! It's always raining! The dialect is very special, and the people claimes to be a bit different from the rest of Norwegians.

A slogan says: " I'm not from Norway, I'm from Bergen".

Edvard Grieg and Troldhaugen

Troldhaugen the home of Edvard Grieg

If you ever come to visit, we also recommend you to visit the Troldhaugen, which was the home of Edvard Grieg and his wife Nina for 22 years.

The house was build in 1885, and became a museum in 1928. The museum exhibition offers an overview of the life of Edvard Grieg.

Edvard Hagerup Grieg was born in this town in June 1843, by parents Alexander Grieg (merchant and Vice Consul) and music teacher Gesine Judithe Hagerup. The Grieg name was originally spelled Greig after Scottish origins.

Some of Edvard Grieg's most know works are from his music to Henrik Ibsen's play "Peer Gynt", and includes "Morning mood" and "In the Hall of Mountain King".

In the museum you will learn more about his childhood here in the town, his study in Leipzig (Germany), the years in Copenhagen (Denmark), and of course about his life as a famous composer. Edvard Grieg was also a famous internationally performing pianist, as well as a director.

Edvard Grieg died in 1907 at the age of 64.

Bergen Norway and the "Classic Norwegian Cruise"

Norwegian Cruise Hurtigruten Photo: Geir Løvbugt

This is the starting harbour of the Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruises, which after seven days ends up and turns back when it arrives Kirkenes.

Thousands of passengers travels this classic cruise every year, and you can make this journey all year.

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Bergen City Seal

the city seal

The old City Seal from 1833 shows a silver castle standing on golden hills, probably an image of the Seven Hills that surround the city. The background color is red.

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Old ships in Bergen Harbour, Norway. Photo: Marius Fiksdal

Street view from Bergen, Norway. Photo: Marius Fiksdal

Bergen Market Place Photo: Marius Fiksdal

International Festival

The Bergen International Festival was established in 1953, and is also a member of the European Festivals Association.

The Festival is one of the largest in Scandinavia, presenting more than 150 events in 15 days, within music, dance, theatre, opera and visual art.

Read more

Bergen Aquarium

Within walking distance from the city centre you will find the Bergen Akvarium.

In addition to the marine life, you can also meet animals from all over the world, like monkeys and reptiles, and even pinguins from the South Pole islands.

You will be informed about feeding times, also in English language, and the people feeding are wearing microphones to inform you about what is happening.

Bergen University College

Bergen University College is a state institution of higher education, which was established in 1994.

The University College offers several high quality, study programmes, directed towards specific professions in society, and there has always been great demand for graduates from this study programmes.

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